Thursday, September 24, 2009

100 Followers and a bit of Addams Trivia!

Well, this week I must say has been a bit crazy and emotional for me. I started a couple posts where I was going to rant (about my job) and scream but I erased them. I really would like this blog to stay uplifting and about miniatures - haha. Anyway, no worries, things are getting worked out :)

BUT all this to say what a wonderful week for me to hit 100 followers!!! You guys just made my day. I am just floored that there are even 100 people out there interested in my little project thats hardly even off the ground (or desk). haha.

Thank you all so much!!! You are a big part of my day even if you don't know it. I love reading peoples blogs and reading comments and it especially helps on the rough days at work. So thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

So to celebrate (since I have no minis ready for the occasion - that I can show...) I have put together a little list of Addams Family Trivia Facts..... its not much (there is more but I am just putting a few for now... more to come later in a contest or something...)


The Addams Family was originally a one frame cartoon drawn by Charles Addams in the New Yorker.

Photo of Charles Addams

When the Addams Family was originally created, none of the characters had names.... they were given their names for the creation of the television series.

Addams Cartoon, Property of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation

Charles Addams got to name all the characters, except he wanted Pugsley's name to be Pubert, which the network found to be too sexual sounding so they changed it to Pugsley. That is why the baby in the second Addams Family movie is named Pubert.

Image from Addams Family Values by Paramount Pictures

The Addams Family TV show was the first ever to show passion in a marriage. Morticia is always talking about 'later'....

Image from Orignal TV Series my MGM Home Entertainment

Carolyn Jones, who played Morticia in the Addams Family tv show, was once married to Aaron Spelling.

Image source unknown

More trivia and fun facts to come down the road...... Thanks again everyone!! Hugs, Ara


  1. Hi Ara,

    I enjoyed reading the trivia! Oh, my, I know about work woes! I am glad yours are getting worked out!


  2. Congrats on 100 followers Ara! Your dollhouses are so interesting- and you create the most amazing miniatures- you deserve those followers- you rock! Glad that the week is ending on a good note- I sometimes find it hard not to vent about work on my blog too. Then I remember how in real life things always come back and bite me in the butt- and I don't even want to know what would happen if my boss found my blog and me ranting on it. Hope your work gets better or whomever is bugging you backs off a bit. My Mom always said to just smile- it will either confuse them or make them mad that they can't get to you :)

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Marsha, so glad you enjoyed the Trivia... I hope to increase everyone's Addams IQ!

    Kim, you are too sweet! Smiling is just what I need to do!

  4. Hi Ara, I loved reading about the Addams, I used to watch them as a child but it's only been as an adult that I fully appreciated them.I agree with Kim and I add that it's useless to show our frustration; people who love us could be sorry and people who do not love us could be happy. None of them deserve hugs

  5. Congratulations Ara!!! I have 1 more to go til the big 100!!!!
    Love the trivia, must go watch the movie again now, got me in the mood
    Kate xx

  6. Congrats Ara!!! You are so talented, it's surprising you don't have 200 followers!

    Thanks for the fun facts! Pubert, Now that's funny!! Could you imaginie naming your kid that, lol!!! Too funny!


  7. You know when I was researching Addams Family for your project, I thought I read all the trivial there was. And yet you managed to dig out some more! Well DONE!