Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Addams Amigurumi and .... Bella!

Hi All! I wanted to show you one of the cutest Christmas gifts I have ever gotten! A set of Gomez and Morticia Amigurumi! My sister does a lot of crocheting and I had mentioned Amigurumi but I never imagined this :)

Here Gomez is kissing Morticia's little crochet arm! They're arms are attached with buttons so they can move.... so clever...

Don't they look so peaceful and happy? Oh wait... do you hear that?? Is that babbling?

Oh no! "It's too late Ma Chere! Embrace sweet slobbery death!"

Yep - here's my Bella! She's 9 months old now!!! Can you believe it? I can't! Oh yeah... and she's newly mobile!

Poor little Amigurumis!
Their arms were ripped off after this photo so I have decided to stop here and spare you all. I had several people ask about Bella so here she is! Thanks for asking about her! She takes all my attention now a days but she's worth it!

PS. Here is my sisters Etsy store... she does the cutest little crochet items (she's just starting so go back for more later)!