Sunday, August 30, 2009

I got it!!! My swap items from Kate!

If you missed Kate's post about a week ago, I will fill you in.... she and I are doing a swap and I just got my items from her!!!! They are all for Grandmama's basement are they are more perfect than I could ever imagine!!

She made me this lovely cabinet of items that will be one of the centerpieces for the basement! Its got potions, scrolls, toadstools, (and my favorite) the most perfectly worn stack of books on the bottom shelf! I ALWAYS see Grandmama with her nose in a book. She just loves these! Below you can see Thing checking out the cabinet.... I think he likes the Bat details on the top!! :)

She also sent me these lovely objects to work into other cabinets and parts of the basement. Wednesday has claimed the wooden box of spiders (but being a good sister she shared the rats that were also in there with Pugsley! Also Grandmama has been practicing her curses with the skulls Kate sent. She's been chasing around Murph trying to curse him into a pile of firewood for her cauldron!!

And here are the other lovely bottles she sent. I am trying to think if I have time this week to mess with some Michael's hutches so I can get these guys a home!! They're just too cute not to be on display somewhere!! Look at the little skull top on that bottle!

And last but not least Kate sent me a Halloween issue of American Miniaturist with this article in it! It - is - so - incredibly - perfect!!! for the Addams house. It has this wonderful how-to article for making old distressed siding for houses. I will be studying it like crazy and trying to replicate it on the Mini-Mansion!

Thank you soooooo much Kate!!! You are so amazing and the whole Addams Family thanks you (and me too of course) for helping me on my poor neglected project - haha! You are inspiring me to get a few more things done on it this week! My pretty things need a home!!

Off topic: here's a pic of me from this weekend. My hubs took me on a surprise date....

Don't be too jealous....... he took me to the wax museum here in DFW.... haha so this is not the real Mr. Depp :) But they do a pretty good job huh? Thought you would like this Kate, haha!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Even the Addams Family plays with Dollhouses

Everynow and then at lunch at work I watch an episode of the Addams Family on If you don't know about that website yet you are missing out!! They have episodes from almost every tv show you could ever think of.

Anyhow today I was watching this episode and to my surprise the opening scene was of Gomez finishing building a dollhouse.... complete with King Kong on the chimney. But as you know the Addams Family 'plays' in a different way than we would. If you have a week stomach beware of the pictures below.... yes ... that's a wrecking ball!!!

And here was the closing scene, Gomez and Pugsley added a bit of pyrotechnics to their play time :)

All images from Origianl TV Series by MGM Home Entertainment

Happy lunch time everyone! -Ara

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Something's moved in!!! Also: 50th Post!

Well, the other day while I was busy with real-life chores and everything that has been keeping me from my minis and beloved blogland, Murph caught my attention and called me over....

Remember that hole in the back of the organ and we were all wondering what made it? Well I don't know what made it but something has certaintly made itself at home there.... just look:

Do you see him? Look closer:

Do you know who that is??? Its Aristotle!!! Pugsleys Octopus!!! I didn't realize how impatient these Octopus fellows can be and he just moved himself right in. I guess he doesn't care that I haven't had time to build the house or even a nice aquarium for him. He's just gonna live in the organ until I get the house done I suppose.
If you haven't heard of Aristotle its because he is rarely seen (but he is mentioned a few times). But here you can see him in a Charles Addams drawing with the Family at the beach (he does look pretty impatient there too - I should've known).

Addams Cartoon, Property of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation
Also, as you can see from the title - this is my 50th post!! Yay! Thank you all for following along all this time!!
Also, also, remember about the Circle Swap I am hosting on my Clue blog if you are still interested. We are now up to 4 people, so its on for sure! It'll be a blast and you'll get a fun mini in the mail right before Halloween!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off Topic: Circle Swap

I am hostessing a Circle Swap on my Clue Blog.

Head on over if you'd like to sign up!! -Ara

Monday, August 10, 2009

Off Topic: Now a chair for Piglet

Some of you may remember that towards the beginning of this blog I made a chair for Pooh for Tara who owns The Dollhouse at Pooh Corner. Well now I have made a chair for Piglet! Here it is with Murph trying it out :)Some of you may be wondering about the watermark across the photo.... I am thinking about selling some of my furniture on etsy under Bentley House Productions. Once I get everything set up I will let y'all know! But until then I am just trying out the copyright bar!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Off Topic: Photo Challenge

I got the photo challenge from Kate from the Whittakers Miniatures and also Debie from Piskies and Poppets. Thanks for passing it on - I love this one!

The challenge is to go to where your photos are and to open the forth folder and find the forth photo and post it to your blog and explain a little bit.

So here goes:
This is one of the photos I took of our puppy Audrey while trying to come up with a Christmas card. In the photo my husband is tapping on the background to make her look behind her and up (like Santa is coming)! I got a lot of fun ones... maybe I'll show those around Christmas time :)

I pass this on to anyone reading this that wants to do it!! I was just itching to do this one because I loved seeing what everyone came up with! So please except the challenge and show us a piece of your photo collection!!!