Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Off Topic: Photo Challenge

I got the photo challenge from Kate from the Whittakers Miniatures and also Debie from Piskies and Poppets. Thanks for passing it on - I love this one!

The challenge is to go to where your photos are and to open the forth folder and find the forth photo and post it to your blog and explain a little bit.

So here goes:
This is one of the photos I took of our puppy Audrey while trying to come up with a Christmas card. In the photo my husband is tapping on the background to make her look behind her and up (like Santa is coming)! I got a lot of fun ones... maybe I'll show those around Christmas time :)

I pass this on to anyone reading this that wants to do it!! I was just itching to do this one because I loved seeing what everyone came up with! So please except the challenge and show us a piece of your photo collection!!!


  1. Ara, so cute, this has been a really good challenge its been fun seeing what peeps come up with.
    Debie xxx

  2. What a cute pup! I took the challenge and it was my favorite pix of Maggie and some of her friends before prom in 2007. Fun!


  3. This is a really sweet picture- I think you should post more at christmas time! What a fun idea for your christmas card :)

  4. Did you make her that outfit? lol

  5. Now this is a cute picture..X

  6. Thanks everyone... she wasn't too fond of the photo shoot but I got some cute ones... I will def try to share some more around Christmas.

    Sans... no I am not that talented!! Its acutally a Build-a-bear coat!! It fit her just right but now she's way to big for it.

  7. I love the things on your site!
    I started a Beacon Hillhouse as an Addams familyhouse. So I think I can learn a lot about your site!

    Ingrid (The Netherlands)