Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween from Pugsley: My attic update!

Hello All and Happy Halloween from the Addams Family Mini Mansion! 

My goal for October was to finish the space seen below to completion.  Well.... I didn't get everything done BUT I do have photos of what I did get done as promised!!!

Here was the room before this month:
Here is it after some aging, finishing the ceiling and adding a few elements:

As you can see I added a door to Wednesday and Pugsley's room and ANOtHER door leading out onto the roof.  This will be nessecary for Uncle Fester to get to his room.... when it gets built.... Also there is a firemans pole!!!  In the original tv show the characters could go up and down this pole as they please.  So as of right now there are no stairs to the third floor, just this pole!  Here is how it lines up below...
You may also see someone new hanging out in the picture above!  It's Pugsley!

He was a headache to make but I learned a lot you can read my last post to hear my woes with making this doll!!  But I learned a lot!  I also had to make a custom piece of furniture for him (which isn't completely finished!)

It's supposed to be an electric chair.  I got the wood parts finished but my work room is such in a mess that I cannot find all the metal pieces I need to finish the "electric" parts.  As you can see I custom fit Pugsley to this chair.  This where be will he sits most of the time.  I will possibly make him an antique tv to watch!!

And here is the final pic of what I got done with Morticia included.  Awww... loving Mother and son!  No wonder I felt lead to create Pugsley seeing as I found out we're having a boy! lol.

And that's it!!  Whenever I get some more knick knacks put around and the electric chair finished I will post another update picture.  I just wanted to show some progress and say Happy Halloween!! 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

A post with no pictures :( Update!

I HATE putting up a post without pictures but I have to wait til Halloween to show you what I have been up to!  This is going to be hard because I have been having so much fun creating!!

1.  I have finished the room (aging the walls, inserting doors, painting...etc)
2.  I have made one piece of essential furniture (not saying what it is!)
3.  AND I have finished my second doll I have ever made.

Here is what this doll-making trial has taught me:
- I am SO not good at smoothing clay.  I think its good until I bake it and then it looks like the surface of the moon!  Bumpy!
-Sewing small clothes are hard... esp when your sewing skills are such that it takes you 30 mins just to thread the machine.
-Human proportions are hard.
-If you force a piece of clothing over a doll head hard enough IT WILL BREAK OFF!

So this doll may not be a permanent part of my collection but I am proud of the end result all the same.  Especially for doll #2.  I know I will never be a professional doll maker but I would love to be able to make them for myself in a pinch!

So that's your mid-month update.  Not sure how much longer I can wait to post photos but I am taking several along the way!  Hope you are all having a wonderful fall!  hugs, Ara

Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Halloween Goal

Well its the Addamses favorite time of year and I just can't stand by and let the mansion sit in the corner unworked on.  SO I am putting forth a goal I have.  I will be completely finishing this space in the mansion:
This is the empty attic space next to Wednesday and Pugsleys room on the 3rd floor.  I have several things I need to do in there and I want to even get as far as creating a NEW DOLL!  I won't say who but someone will be permanently hanging out in this room.  I have a long way before I am ready to sculpt however!

My goal is to get this space finished and ready to show off on Halloween night!!  Stayed tuned to a spooky space and another member of the family being born!  Whoo hoo!  (If you look closely through the door you can see Morticia has passed out from excitement... or she had a little too much arsenic in her last drink... who knows.)

Happy October! - Ara and the Addamses