Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sculpting Smokey

Well I finished him! Meet Smokey, the Addams' stuffed polar bear.

Some of you might be thinking "I thought they had a brown bear" OR you might be thinking "Ara must think everyone else watches the addams family episodes over and over like she does - I didn't even know they had a stuffed bear." Either way, you're right :) They did have a stuffed brown bear in season 1 of the show, but in season 2 they all the sudden had a Polar bear (which they eventually accidentally set on fire with a flame thrower). He is not to be confused with their polar bear rug on the floor (his name is Bruno).

I started with a wire frame covered in masking tape for bulk. Then I added clay over the top and sculpted to the best of my ability. I cooked him and then added paint and details on the base to make him look like a real piece of taxidermy. I thought about flocking him but the clay ended up looking really softish so I didn't want to mess it up with flocking.

He may only be 8 1/2" tall but as you can see below he has quite a presence in the mini world. I am so excited to be finally adding some Addams detail to the mansion! One less thing on the to -do list! Hooray!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moved my work space....

We're still adjusting to Miss Bella being here... and one of those adjustments was figuring out how to protect the baby from the minis, and protect the minis from the baby! So I worked my tail off cleaning out the back room of my house to move my office into it. Before it was in what should have been our dining area (we're an eat in front of the tv type of family).

DH got some shelves hung for me and I got my retro floor lamp installed so we're good to go now! We also got the mansion snug in its own corner. There's actually more room for me to spread out here I think. The dogs have to live underneath the whole thing but they're no trouble. I like to say they live in the 'basement'.

I have also made an extensive to-do list. Now a days it seems like if its not on a list... it won't get done. My first to-do is a sculpt I have been putting off that is absolutely necessary for the completion of this mansion. I have to be in the mood to sculpt... And I think I finally am! I'm not going to tell what it is in case I fail miserably.... but hopefully will post soon with the results!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm back! ....With swords!

Hi all.... well bella's about 2 1/2 months old now and I'm starting to get some me-time! Right now she's taking a nap so I decided to try doing a post from my phone. We'll see how this goes....

I'm starting to realize how many mini's you can find at antique stores. I actually found these like a week before Bella was due (we were trying to find an air conditioned place for me to walk and walk lol).

They are miniature swords in a stand! Perfect for Gomez's study don't you think. They are all removable so I plan to have some here and there like he's been fighting with them.

I believe they're just a little tourist buy from a trip to Spain seeing as they have Barcelona stamped on them! I just couldn't believe how perfect they were.

As always thanks for sticking with my blog.... sorry for the long lapses I'm between.... you can blame Bella lol.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My little Doll

Thank you all for you kind comments! Sorry I have not had time to reply to each person. We are slowly adjusting and catching up on sleep when we can.

I am sorry I forgot details last time!!! Her name is Arabella (after her mama:), Bella for short and she was 7lbs 13 ozs! We thought she was going to be much bigger but she surprised us! She was 20 3/4 inches long.

I thought you guys might like this photo!! This is my not-nearly-finished-at-all house for my little wooden model guys and I thought it would be perfect for a photoshoot with tiny Bella! She slept through the whole thing!

The couch on the right is one that was in my grandmothers house and I remember playing with it as a child. The other two chairs on the left were made by me. I think this ones going to be blown up and put in my workroom!

Bella seems to be quite the sleeper so I am hoping to be back to following blogs and making miniatures soon! Hugs to all, Ara

Sunday, June 5, 2011

She's Here!

Just dropping by to say she's here! Thank you so much for everyone checking in on us. I will let you know more of the 'birth story' if you are interested but lets just say its been a LONG week. I was in labor for 4 days.... yep 4 days.... straight. I ended up having to go to a hospital I was unfamiliar with, had a new doctor..... and all sorts of stuff. But in the end all is well and we have a healthy baby girl!!

We are a little sleep deprived... ok a lot sleep deprived.... but very happy :)

Will update with a few more baby pics and some more minis soon. But first SLEEP!

Love to all, Ara

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Updates and a Big Thank you!

First of all, big Big BIG thank you to everyone who is sticking with me and continuing to follow my blog!! It's been a long 8.5 months but I am now just a couple weeks away from my baby's due date!! I can't wait and I am super ready to get this show on the road.

I haven't had much new to show you as working on anything mini has been a slow go. Pregnancy Carpel Tunnel has limited the amount of things I can do with my hands. And somehow folding tiny clothes and all the other chores that have to be done have taken over.

However, I do have an update for you! I started working on the right wing addition to the mansion! It is the RGT addition that is specifically for the Alison Jr. I am finding that the more that is pre-done for me the better lol. This addition will house Morticia and Gomez's room on the top and the dining room on the bottom floor. You can see this goes along with my original plans located here.

There is more done on the bedroom than on the dining room right now, but I did start the dining room floor. I decided to do a rectangular pattern of wood planks. I have more to do and will post more on it later.

Here you can see a little bit more into the bedroom. I have yet to "age" it. I got most of the molding up. This is also the only room I have done carpet in. I wanted it to be a little more of an inviting room. Also I will be putting up several photos of the loving couple on the wall. It also contains the mirror that I found at an antique store which I am so excited it fits in the room.

Below I have made a new bed that is more appropriate to the small size of the room. I like it fairly well..... Not as much as I liked the first bed but it would never have fit!

I also put together two different Micheal's hutchs to create a large dresser for the couples clothing. Because of the limited space I made it tall instead of wide. I added some red paper into the openings to try and match the red on the bed.

Anyway, so that's what I have done. I wish it was more but I am happy at least that I something to show! I am hoping to get back to my Etsy store and my mini-mansion in a few months or so in the little moments I have to myself. I will of course also let you guys know when the little one arrives!

Thanks again for sticking with me. Oh yes, and I was very excited to find this as I was hobbling around an antique store the other day. It's a pin cushion but is the PERFECT size for the mansion. Seems like something the Addamses might have up in the attic or in a corner somewhere lol. It was only $2.50. Even better!

Much love to my fellow Bloggers! -ara

Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Addams Items for Sale!

Hi all,

Latest news on the Mansion is that I am starting to work on some of the additions! This means I will be working on Gomez and Morticia's room and also the dining room! Unfortunetly, as I was planning out G and M's room I realized that the bed I made for them way back in this post, is way too big for the room. Its still in scale, its just a large bed that needs a home in a large room! Anyway, this is the reason why I am selling it on Etsy now. If you are interested you can get to my store by clicking here or you can click on my Etsy App on the side of this page.

Also I started working on a chair for the little reading nook in the mansion. Here you can see it next to the built-in shelves in the study area. I decided while I made this one that I would make a twin for it and sell in on Etsy. You can see the twin chair in the last picture in this post.

These chairs have been ripped up and dirtied to add some extra character. Once again, if you're interested in this chair you can go to my etsy store. I'm excited to bring a little Addams Family to my store - lol!

Thanks for stopping by! Hugs, Ara

Thank you to Sans!

Just wanted to thank you Sans for the wonderful gift you sent! And congrats of course on your second year!

If you have not been to Sans blog you simply must go over to see her beautiful scenes and read her fact filled stories! You can't visit without learning something new!

Click here for Sans blog!

I absolutely love the trim you send and so do the Addamses! The gold is right up their alley. Morticia is already planning an extravagant piece for the bedroom..... the trim will be the perfect touch!

Thank you again Sans!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

My Greatest "Mini" Ever....

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to show you all my baby!!! We went to the doc's last Thursday and found out we're having a GIRL!!!! DH and I both thought it was a boy and so did most of the family so everyone was surprised! Except for my younger sister who did a dance and sang "I knew it, I knew it...."

Her name will be 'Arabella Fay' and we'll call her 'Bella' for short! I already think she's the cutest thing I've ever seen... and I've only seen her in black and white so far!

True Story: On the way home from the Doctor, DH and I were in the car and I scared him half to death by screaming "Oh my gosh..... DOLLHOUSES!" I am so excited I might be able to share something I love to do with my daughter! I know its not just a girl thing.... but its more likely she may be into it than a son. Anyway - she will definitely have one (a clunky plastic one prob) in her room by the time she arrives!! YAY!

Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me!!! -Ara

Friday, January 7, 2011

Off Topic: Hear Ye Hear Ye - Miniatures sale going on!!

Hello to all my lovely readers!!! Just wanted to let you know about a sale I am having in my Etsy store!!! I am making room for all the new designs swimming around in my head so I have taken 40% off a large selection of my items!!!!

Select Chairs are 40% off such as this Pink Chair that would be perfect for someone doing a cake shop scene or even a fun teenagers room!!


ALL tables are 40% off including this lovely white table that simulates a stained glass top! There are four of these available so they would make a lovely end table set for anyone who loves that shabby chic look!!

Also, all ottomans are on sale.... they make a wonderful filler for those awkward corners that you don't know what to do with! Stack them up with books or place a plate of delicious cookies on them for a wonderful bit of detail!!!

If you are interested in taking a look around you can get to my Etsy shop by clicking on the advertisement on the side of my blog page or just click here.

Look for all the items that say 'BIG SALE' next to their name.... they have been reduced by 40%!!

I look forward to showing you all some fun new designs I am coming up with!!! I got my office all cleaned up for the new year and I am ready to create!!

Hugs, Ara