Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And finally the 3rd Floor tour....

This is the floor that has never been seen before!! I spent a whole two days having the DH help me glue this top section together.... because of the weird angle it took a lot of clamps to do each wall (or so it seemed)! Finally we got it together the and I was able to work on the final rooms in the main part of the house.

Here you can see Wednesday's and Pugsley's room. For this house they will be sharing one large room. It will also kind of be their play room. It is the biggest room of the house so I am excited to get working on the all the goodies I am going to fill it with! Also.... I just wanted to note that the border around the room is a border drawn by Charles Addams in one of his cartoons. Its the border in Wednesdays room. With photoshop and a little bit of patience I was able to make something I could print and stick up on the wall!

You can also see there are a few things sitting in on the floor - there is a cement mixer, a cannon, a trunk and Wednesday's spider, Homer, in her cage. The red tile floor is handmade - it took a while but I like it! Its hard to see but I even put in a spot where perhaps some dynamite might have exploded and left a burn mark.

Next is the 'Attic' side of the 3rd floor. I went all out and made aging boards surrounding the whole room. I really wanted to give the effect that this is an unfinished part of the house used for storage. Anything strange and without a home will go up here. Its also where the firemans pole from the 2nd floor will come up to.

I built a small landing platform here for those Addamses going up the pole. I did this to make the stair opening that came with the kit smaller and also to add some interest to the plain floor.
There are a few things that have made it into the attic already!

I do think the attic needs a little more dirtying... and the kids room needs some more explosive marks ... but I am happy with what I have as a starting point! Dirtying things up is the fun part!!!

You've now seen the entire tour of the Addams Family Mini-Mansion thus far. I am about to start putting together the wing addition!!!! More on that to come soon! Thanks for looking!

PS..... The give-away drawing is tomorrow night! Make sure to leave a comment if you want to enter!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

2nd Floor Tour - Far from done!!...

Here you can see the second floor. It is, as I said, far from done. But things are really starting to come together in my mind and in the mansion! I added in a gray bar for where there is another open column.... it just looks confusing so I grayed it out!

Below is a photo of my newest installation. I wanted so badly to hang weapons up on the wall in the study. I didn't have a ton of them so I hung what I had.... DH says that they medieval weapons hung with the rifle doesn't make any sense. But it seemed like something the Addams Family might do.... after all they still use Medieval objects in their every day life...

Here you can see the built in book case I am building on the other side of the weapons wall. I want this to kind of be like a reading nook in a dark corner. I think I will make a big poofy (ooky of course) chair to go across from this shelf in the hall way.
Also I wanted to point out my little guy that's sitting at the base of the book shelf. My dad brought me this guy back from Brazil. Isn't he perfect!!! My dad got him just for my Mini-Mansion! Thanks Dad! I love him!

Also... you may notice that I am missing the stairs up to the 3rd floor. Well.... I have decided that because of lack of space and a want for being like the Addams house ... that I will put in a fireman's pole instead of a stair case to the 3rd floor. (its not in yet ... but its coming) According to the 1960's tv show, all the Addamses have the unique ability to go up a firemans pole just as easily as most of us can go down one. I am very excited about it!!!

Also... if anyone LOVES to make books and would like to do a swap for a bunch of books for a custom piece of furniture just let me know. I need lots of unique books for this shelf and books are just not my thing. If interested you can email me at afminimansion (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks for looking everyone. This concludes your tour of the 2nd floor....until I do more on it :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Over 200 Followers! Give-Away Time!

First of all I want to say thank you to all who follow my blog! I truly appreciate all your encouragement and comments over the past year or so! You all have given this project a whole other level of fun!

To show my appreciation I want to do a give-away. I wish I could give something to each and every one of you but I don't have that kind of dough! So in the usual fashion we will have a drawing for one person to receive something from me!

And I decided to use Kate's idea so she gets her name in the pot one extra time! Here's what the give-away item will be:

1 custom made piece of furniture for whatever miniature project you may be working on.

Because I am making this item specifically for the person who's name is drawn, it will be a wait before you will get it. I am thinking a month would be a good amount of time to say I could get something done.

So here are the RULES to enter the give-away. Leave me a comment telling me about the project you are working on now that you are the MOST excited about. Also put the address of your blog or website in your post so if anyone else wants to see your project they'll know right where to go! *The piece of furniture I make doesn't have to be for the project you mention in the post.... I am just interested in what every one's doing right now.* If you don't have a current project just tell me about an idea you have for the future.....

ALSO..... to say thank you to all the followers who have been with me through the long haul I will be choosing three of my posts (one from the beginning, middle and more recent posts) and if you commented on those posts you will get an extra point per post as well! I will just choose them randomly and only count comments made before this post (so no going back and commenting on everything-lol). Remember you have to comment on this post to be entered... previous comment points will just add on to this first entry.

Let me know if you have any questions... I will do the drawing next Wednesday, September 1st in the evening so be sure to comment! Looking forward to hearing all about everyone's projects!

Thank you all again, Ara

First Floor Update!

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen!!! I've done a lot since you've been here last and I am excited to show you around! Above you can see the entire first floor.... I have added in a fake column because right now it is just open. I haven't yet figured out how I am going to finish off the open face of the dollhouse.

Here is the front hall.... its still mostly the same with the addition of a little caveman statue and a hall rug.

If you look slightly to the right you can see a bench waiting for visitors to take a seat. Morticia has lovingly added an interesting little plant for some color.

Across the room you can see the main fire place complete with knick-knacks and moose horns waiting to be hung in place. Gomez and Morticia's chairs sit side by side waiting for them to come warm themselves by the fire.

Off in the distance sits Lurch's organ and a small phonograph. The Addams Family is never without music and their living room reflects that. Morticia is still picking out curtains so that will be next. Also floorboards and crown molding needs to be stained and installed.

Here is a closer view of Gomez's chair. He always sat in a throne-like chair so this is what he has in miniature. It's not the most comfortable looking thing but its great for relaxing in after a good workout of Zen-Yogi!

Thank you for coming on yet another tour of the first floor!! I already have pictures of the 2nd and 3rd floors to share with you all..... so I have no excuse to get those on here in the next few days. They are not as close to finished as the first floor but its getting there! -ara

Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogger :P - and Give-Away Question....

Screen Capture from Addams Family Values
Property of Paramount Pictures, Copyright 1993

Well blogger has just really been hating me lately. Every time I have gotten on to read through and comment on posts, I have not been able to. I am now on a friends computer (helping them out at work) so I have been able to go back a few days and read through some missed posts.

Also.... you guys will be so proud of me.... I have been mini-ing up a storm! And its not on chairs this time - its actually on the Addams Family Mansion!! You can all pick your jaws up off the floor now - lol.

Here are the things I have done that I need to show you all (this is more a list of reminders for me but also so you can point out if I missed anything in the next week or so:

-I put the columns into the first floor (except for some floorboards and crown molding the first floor is almost done!!)
-I built Gomez's chair to sit next to Morticia's
-I started the built-in shelves needed for Gomez's Study
-I put together the at 3rd floor of the house (contains the kids room)
-I painted and put up a border in Wednesdays and Pugsleys room
-I created a fun spooky attic space in which to stuff a bunch of ooky junk!
-I started building the addition that will hold the dining room and G and M's room!! oh la la

ALSO - I passed 200 followers since my last post so it is definitely time to celebrate with a give-away. But I can't really decide what to give away?

Do you guys have any ideas? I want to make something but I don't know what. My first give away I made a nail bed but I don't know how many of you can use that.... What about a crazy upholstered chair.... I want it to be something my followers would actually want and be able to use. Please leave a comment with suggestions. If I pick your suggestion of what to make I will give you an extra point towards what ever I will do to pick the person who wins!

Love to all, Ara

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can't comment on Posts!!

Anyone else having this problem???
I have been doing my regular looking back at posts I missed from you guys and I can't comment at all. I try to write in the comment box and my computer just dings at me.

It happens with all your blogs :( It's really rather frustrating!

Well, you all are doing such wonderful things with such beautiful work!! Wish I could tell you all that personally!!!

Off to try and locate the problem!!!