Saturday, August 28, 2010

First Floor Update!

Welcome back Ladies and Gentlemen!!! I've done a lot since you've been here last and I am excited to show you around! Above you can see the entire first floor.... I have added in a fake column because right now it is just open. I haven't yet figured out how I am going to finish off the open face of the dollhouse.

Here is the front hall.... its still mostly the same with the addition of a little caveman statue and a hall rug.

If you look slightly to the right you can see a bench waiting for visitors to take a seat. Morticia has lovingly added an interesting little plant for some color.

Across the room you can see the main fire place complete with knick-knacks and moose horns waiting to be hung in place. Gomez and Morticia's chairs sit side by side waiting for them to come warm themselves by the fire.

Off in the distance sits Lurch's organ and a small phonograph. The Addams Family is never without music and their living room reflects that. Morticia is still picking out curtains so that will be next. Also floorboards and crown molding needs to be stained and installed.

Here is a closer view of Gomez's chair. He always sat in a throne-like chair so this is what he has in miniature. It's not the most comfortable looking thing but its great for relaxing in after a good workout of Zen-Yogi!

Thank you for coming on yet another tour of the first floor!! I already have pictures of the 2nd and 3rd floors to share with you all..... so I have no excuse to get those on here in the next few days. They are not as close to finished as the first floor but its getting there! -ara


  1. How exciting, Ara, to see your vision come to life!! You have put a lot of time and thought and detail into this grand project!!!

    Thank you for visiting me tonight!


  2. Its all looking amazing Ara! Love those moose horns! The chairs look very cool too. looking forward to the next tour. Kate xxx

  3. Ara, the Mansion is really coming together. Looking forward to seeing more. Could you use a sheet of perspex to cover the front of the Mansion. That why you'd be able to see inside, but it would keep prying fingers, dust and insects out..

  4. I have to tell you my 1st reaction when I came here was "Oh wow!" Ara, I really love the way everything is put together. The colours are so well chosen, the impact is really powerful. I love the dash of dirty red on the stairs. This is a really great room . Love that you make all your chairs . They are all great and I really love that bench. Also the pot of plants. It is a pity you can't show off more of that amazing organ you did.

    Apart from hanging up the moose etc, I am not sure if you really want to add anymore to this really complete and perfect set up. I am sure you will do a great job, no matter what your decision is :).

  5. I really like the way everything is coming together. The colours all work beautifully together giving off just the right spooky atmosphere.
    Love it and can't wait to see more!

  6. Ara I'm so happy to see this!!! Love everything you've done!

  7. Yeah!! I've been so waiting for this update, lol!! I LOVE the age of the house..the windows, walls~ the wallpaper! It's perfect!! And those moose horns are too funny!! Can't wait to see the rest of the house:)

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments!! I am pretty happy with the first floor.... now just to work out details in a few places and get the rest of the house up to this level!!

  9. Spooky and kooky!!! It really looks amazing Ara! I love the dust on the little bench :) I love, love Gomez's chair- fit for the king! I really love the caveman statue too- he is just perfect for the Adams family mansion!