Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can't comment on Posts!!

Anyone else having this problem???
I have been doing my regular looking back at posts I missed from you guys and I can't comment at all. I try to write in the comment box and my computer just dings at me.

It happens with all your blogs :( It's really rather frustrating!

Well, you all are doing such wonderful things with such beautiful work!! Wish I could tell you all that personally!!!

Off to try and locate the problem!!!


  1. It happens sometimes, Ara. Occasionally, I am not allowed to edit on my blog. I find if I just log out and then back in, it re-adjusts itself. Blogger is weird like that...


  2. I have had trouble, I will make a comment and it never shows up. This has happened 3 times in the last 2 weeks, some comments show up.

  3. Ara, do you have Mac? I understand that oftentimes people with Macs have difficulties posting comments.


  4. Thanks guys - well it looks like I can post on my own comments now. I'll try signing out and then back in!

    No Marsha- I am a PC - haha.

  5. It happens from time to time Ara. A real pain when you have limited time to comment and it isn't working grrr.

  6. It's Gremlins, I have had troubles too but all semms ok now :-)

  7. Ara. I just gave you an award over on my blog. Please come collect it.

  8. Ara, I had to change browser from Mozilla Firefox to Chrome when I had the comment problem. I now have 4 browsers :). IE, Moz, Chrome, Safari. I can also only edit/make new post with firefox.

    Try using a different browser.