Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And finally the 3rd Floor tour....

This is the floor that has never been seen before!! I spent a whole two days having the DH help me glue this top section together.... because of the weird angle it took a lot of clamps to do each wall (or so it seemed)! Finally we got it together the and I was able to work on the final rooms in the main part of the house.

Here you can see Wednesday's and Pugsley's room. For this house they will be sharing one large room. It will also kind of be their play room. It is the biggest room of the house so I am excited to get working on the all the goodies I am going to fill it with! Also.... I just wanted to note that the border around the room is a border drawn by Charles Addams in one of his cartoons. Its the border in Wednesdays room. With photoshop and a little bit of patience I was able to make something I could print and stick up on the wall!

You can also see there are a few things sitting in on the floor - there is a cement mixer, a cannon, a trunk and Wednesday's spider, Homer, in her cage. The red tile floor is handmade - it took a while but I like it! Its hard to see but I even put in a spot where perhaps some dynamite might have exploded and left a burn mark.

Next is the 'Attic' side of the 3rd floor. I went all out and made aging boards surrounding the whole room. I really wanted to give the effect that this is an unfinished part of the house used for storage. Anything strange and without a home will go up here. Its also where the firemans pole from the 2nd floor will come up to.

I built a small landing platform here for those Addamses going up the pole. I did this to make the stair opening that came with the kit smaller and also to add some interest to the plain floor.
There are a few things that have made it into the attic already!

I do think the attic needs a little more dirtying... and the kids room needs some more explosive marks ... but I am happy with what I have as a starting point! Dirtying things up is the fun part!!!

You've now seen the entire tour of the Addams Family Mini-Mansion thus far. I am about to start putting together the wing addition!!!! More on that to come soon! Thanks for looking!

PS..... The give-away drawing is tomorrow night! Make sure to leave a comment if you want to enter!


  1. Wow Ara you are really going to town on this. I love what you have done so far, great job on making attic dirty...the dust will come naturally LOL. I can't wait to see the firemans pole. Creepy and Kooky :) I give it a 3 thumbs up.


  2. Oh Ara!!! I love the detail of Wednesday's wallpaper! I love it all really...I'm going back to look again!

  3. I love it! Your imagination is fabulous :)

  4. That wallpaper border is too cool! You've put so much thought into the whole house-it is wonderful!

  5. Thank you all for your comments!! I do love the border too! It's one of the first real connections with the original cartoons by Charles Addams!!

  6. you bring back all these wonderful memories to me of when I used to watch the TV show with my family. are you going to make a spiral staircase in the library?


  7. It is fabulous!!! I love the walls in the attic storeroom! I also really love the explosion marks on the floor-brilliant! It must be so fun to work on this house!

  8. Thanks Marisa and Kim!! I don't think there's room for a spiral in this library unfortunantly... would love one though!
    Kim - its a 'blast'!!!

  9. that's too bad but I did find some more book patterns and he's got spooky stuff too here is the link to his website. hope you can use this


  10. Wow - Marisa - that site is a treasure-trove!! Thank you for pointing me to it!

  11. Ara, I love the red tile floor and the burnt portion! So far everything looks great. You know a house can already look really good before the furniture comes in, like yours. Sometimes, I even prefer them in the bare state. But for you, I can't wait to see what toys you have dreamt up for the kiddies.

  12. Woohoo now the house is all up, the extra fun bit goes on with filling it up more and more , it is going to be even more wonderful Ara! Bet your excited with it being at this stage and looking forward to doing more? Kate xxx

  13. I am so behind reading blogs but wow Ara you have done so much.

    I actually kind of enjoyed seeing this all as it is rather than a bit at a time.

    I love it all....but I think the explosion marks made me laugh most. Oh and the medieval weapons by the rifle and your BF saying it didn't go...did anything go in their house lol.

    Mick and I are still watching it :-)

  14. Ara! You totally rock. I can't wait to have a tour of this awesome mansion! :)