Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogger :P - and Give-Away Question....

Screen Capture from Addams Family Values
Property of Paramount Pictures, Copyright 1993

Well blogger has just really been hating me lately. Every time I have gotten on to read through and comment on posts, I have not been able to. I am now on a friends computer (helping them out at work) so I have been able to go back a few days and read through some missed posts.

Also.... you guys will be so proud of me.... I have been mini-ing up a storm! And its not on chairs this time - its actually on the Addams Family Mansion!! You can all pick your jaws up off the floor now - lol.

Here are the things I have done that I need to show you all (this is more a list of reminders for me but also so you can point out if I missed anything in the next week or so:

-I put the columns into the first floor (except for some floorboards and crown molding the first floor is almost done!!)
-I built Gomez's chair to sit next to Morticia's
-I started the built-in shelves needed for Gomez's Study
-I put together the at 3rd floor of the house (contains the kids room)
-I painted and put up a border in Wednesdays and Pugsleys room
-I created a fun spooky attic space in which to stuff a bunch of ooky junk!
-I started building the addition that will hold the dining room and G and M's room!! oh la la

ALSO - I passed 200 followers since my last post so it is definitely time to celebrate with a give-away. But I can't really decide what to give away?

Do you guys have any ideas? I want to make something but I don't know what. My first give away I made a nail bed but I don't know how many of you can use that.... What about a crazy upholstered chair.... I want it to be something my followers would actually want and be able to use. Please leave a comment with suggestions. If I pick your suggestion of what to make I will give you an extra point towards what ever I will do to pick the person who wins!

Love to all, Ara


  1. Anything you make would be great! can't wait to see all the projects you have been working on.


  2. I wondered where you were Ara. Congrats on your new followers and on doing so much work on the mansion.

    How about a piece of spooky furniture for your giveaway?

    Lorra luffies

    Debie xxxxxx

  3. Victoria, so glad to see your blog! Can't believe I am not a follower yet... just fixed that!

    Debie, Thanks so much!...hmmm...trying to think of something addamsy.... they had a lot of spooky furniture!

  4. Hi Ara!

    I was SO happy to see you today! I've missed you!

    I can't wait to see photos of what you've accomplished on the Addams residence!

    Well, you could offer as a giveway something from your Etsy shop, a gift certificate? I see some fab chairs (I'm partial to the Alice ones tee hee)!


  5. Ara, Ooooh you are a tease, putting all that to come and no photos to see, hurry and post more please, cant wait to see all your hard work !!!!!! Maybe do the giveaway and offer the prize as a personalised piece of furniture to suit the winners own project. It means them waiting longer once the name is chosen but that way you get to give them what they really need but in your style and design! Kate xxx

  6. Marsha and Kate, I like both of those ideas!! I'm glad I decided to ask you guys what I should give-away!

    I promise I will be taking photos of the almost finished down stairs tonight!! It will also include Gomez's chair.... I had so much fun putting things into the room!!

  7. Ara, has estado muy trabajadora, estoy deseando ver las fotos de todo lo que has hecho y donde lo has puesto.
    Para tu sorteo cuaquier pieza sera un lujo.
    A mi me encantan personalmente las manos, con cualquier cosa.
    O algun fabuloso mueble de los que tu haces.
    Yo que soy una enamorada de las escenas de brujas, seguro que cualquier regalo tuyo me iri de maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  8. Thank you Ascension! I have to use translator to read your comments but its always worth it! Hopefully I will get lots of pictures up soon!

  9. Congrats on 200 followers! I really think anything you make would go over well. If it's related to the Addames, it could be used for Halloween/HP/spooky scenes.

  10. Thanks Kat! Thats very true!

  11. Good job on all your mini-ing! That is so weird about your problems with blogger. You probably have but did you try clearing your cookies and cache? That might fix it.

    I love your chairs, any of them would be an awesome prize.

  12. Ara, I am PROUD of you !! Wondered like the rest here, what you have been up to and was so happy to see your comments again :). You have been missed alot ",).

    I think gift cert is a darn good idea or one of your movable chair! You are such a whiz at making them.

    I can't wait to see all that you have done to the Addams Mansion. QUICK QUICK! :):)

  13. Wow you have done a lot? How have you found the time? A givaway is a lovely idea how about Thing in a little box!Perfect for adding a little Halloween for any little miniature scene!:-)

  14. So good to hear from you again Ara, and you have been really prolific in your blog absence you clever girl! Hope you will be able to post pictures soon, what a bummer you have had so much problems with blogger! So far I've been lucky enough to avoid them (fingers crossed!)

    So nice of you to think about doing a give-away! I love Kate's idea to do a personalized piece of furniture for the winner, I adore all the ones you have done so far!

  15. Congrats on 200 followers Ara
    Gosh just imagine ...
    I think "thing" is just great ... or what about a carnivorous plant LOL
    Hugs Marja

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    have a great day!