Saturday, August 28, 2010

Over 200 Followers! Give-Away Time!

First of all I want to say thank you to all who follow my blog! I truly appreciate all your encouragement and comments over the past year or so! You all have given this project a whole other level of fun!

To show my appreciation I want to do a give-away. I wish I could give something to each and every one of you but I don't have that kind of dough! So in the usual fashion we will have a drawing for one person to receive something from me!

And I decided to use Kate's idea so she gets her name in the pot one extra time! Here's what the give-away item will be:

1 custom made piece of furniture for whatever miniature project you may be working on.

Because I am making this item specifically for the person who's name is drawn, it will be a wait before you will get it. I am thinking a month would be a good amount of time to say I could get something done.

So here are the RULES to enter the give-away. Leave me a comment telling me about the project you are working on now that you are the MOST excited about. Also put the address of your blog or website in your post so if anyone else wants to see your project they'll know right where to go! *The piece of furniture I make doesn't have to be for the project you mention in the post.... I am just interested in what every one's doing right now.* If you don't have a current project just tell me about an idea you have for the future.....

ALSO..... to say thank you to all the followers who have been with me through the long haul I will be choosing three of my posts (one from the beginning, middle and more recent posts) and if you commented on those posts you will get an extra point per post as well! I will just choose them randomly and only count comments made before this post (so no going back and commenting on everything-lol). Remember you have to comment on this post to be entered... previous comment points will just add on to this first entry.

Let me know if you have any questions... I will do the drawing next Wednesday, September 1st in the evening so be sure to comment! Looking forward to hearing all about everyone's projects!

Thank you all again, Ara


  1. Hi Ara,
    Congratulations on the followers :)
    Currently I am working in a bedroom that hope is going to be finished mid September. A mixture of styles: mediterranean, rustic, scandinavian and shabby...So my style at the end...LOL
    After that I requested to blogland help (and I reeived a lot so it is great) to make a japanese roombox for my niece, that is starting.
    After that I do not know...I love fantasy scences (I have two), a garden shadow box or perhaps I started a English pub....That is what I am doing.

  2. First of all congratulations on 200 followers Ara! Thankyou for choosing my prize idea too, woohoo! As you know I am working on 2 Alice projects right now, the tea party and the Hatters Hat room so Id love a chair for either the red queen or the Hatter as I adore your chairs! Thankyou for the giveaway and good luck everyone! Kate xxx

  3. I think I was one of your very first followers Ara..How time flies.
    As you know I'm still working on my Diagon Alley. Eeylops is the next shop to fill, but I also have lots ideas for a Witches Hat Shop.

  4. I am making a 24th (ish) scale fantasy tree house. It could be for fairies, but it will probably be home to my squirrel Sylvanian Families (Calico Critters in the USA). It's pretty 'rustic' looking, and thus far unfurnished as I am still making the treehouse from scratch. No kits, no previous experience! What fun!

  5. Oh, what a wonderful giveaway, Ara. I'm not working on any project at the moment but I love your Alice chairs . . . just the inspiration I need to perhaps create a doll for it!


  6. Oh wow! A giveaway! So exciting. I'm working on the Arthur which I will rename, but haven't as yet. It's a lot more feminine than an Arthur!
    My blog is here:

  7. Ara thank you very much. I've been a bit lazy lately, well,not being at home lately, and did not appear so much but today you have been spoken of. My niece Francesca, aged 7, came a my home and she found the Creeping Pumpkin Man from the basement.She was has thrilled at it as I am every day (^_^) Then I told her the story behind it and our swap She was most interested, may be we'll soon have a new miniaturist.
    My next impelling project will be my asa Rossa, I cannot wait to start it !
    Thank you again and congrats on your followers. Have a nice day, Rosanna

  8. Congratulations on reaching 200 followers. I would love to be included in your giveaway.
    My current project is Witch E.T.Grubb's Emporium and you can see how I am getting on at

  9. Great giveaway! Congrats on 200 followers. I'm currently working on 1930's starlet's townhouse. I'm in the research stages now. Hope to get hands on soon!

  10. Congrats on the huge number of followers!
    I am not working on any miniature projects right now. All mini-making was put on hold in January when I became paralyzed from the neck down. I am slowly regaining the use of my legs and both hands again, but it will be a while before I have the fine-motor skills needed for creating miniatures.

    It has been fun watching you create the Addams Family home.

  11. Congrats on your followers and accomplishments. I have been a fan of your blog for quite some time. I have asked my husband for a dollhouse kit for Christmas. I want my house to be a haunted house with witches, ghosts, frankinstein, dracula, wolf man, and swamp thing. My blog is

  12. I think you should make thing in a little box as it's thing that is on the top of your blog page :-). Plus no house could be without thing with Halloween coming up!

  13. Congrats Ara! Wow 200. I love seeing progress on the Addams house and all the special miniatures you have acquired for them. As you know from my blog I am going to redo my Folly. My blog if you would like to see is below. Thank you Ara.

    Victoria ;)

  14. Congrats on 200 followers!!! I love the Addams Family, and can not wait to see your house done:) ask what project we were working on, and I had to laugh. I have the worst case of ADD when it comes to minis:) I get so excited about the next project that I forgot about all the ones I'm suppose to be finishing, lol! Let's see....There's Cora's House~ Katie's Corner~ Drew Skate Shop~ Cameron's Star Wars Toy Store~ MarshMallow Manor (1/2 scale)~ The Tree House (1/2 scale).........Then there's those projects that I haven't begun to build yet, but I have accessories, lol! There's going to be a shabby beach house....and a cake shop...Oh, and we can't forget the bf's Manroom.....LMAO!! I just have toooo many ideas!!

    But if I was to win your giveaway (wink, wink)...I would want you to make me something special for the pink room in Katie's Corner! It's my favorite room!! And I'd love to have something from you in there!!

    Good luck to all who enter!
    MIni HUgs!

  15. I am totally inspired by your Addams Family truely original and talented you are! I am currently working on an Edwardian Curiosity Shop.

    My blog is:

  16. Thank you to everyone who has entered thus far!!! And thank you all for the kind comments! I am excited about this Give-away and I wish everyone luck!! Thank you also for putting your projects and links! I am so excited to start following some of these new blogs I've somehow missed! Love to all, ara

  17. congrats on 200 followers Ara!! I am working on a house that a little girl lives in. The outside is made of candy and the inside I am attempting to make French Country (because a lovely French friend created the doll).

    What a fun giveaway!!!

  18. Congratulations on all your followers and thanks for hosting this giveaway! I'm working on my mini house and I'm having the most fun seeing what sort of personality it is going to have. I'm sort of just going with the flow so we'll see how it turns out.

    I'm planning for my next project though a spooky Halloween themed house. I've always wanted to do one and already have lots of accessories collected for it.

  19. Aaaaa, maybe I still have time to sign up for your give-away! Congratulations on great number of followers:))))
    My dollhouse is from the early twentieth century - So I like to imagine that Ms. Anderson, who owns the house, received in a fall after her grandmotherr many valuable pieces of furniture - including a beautiful old chair... Anderson has set a chair in her hobby room - because it is her special place in the house. Ms. Anderson learned that this chair served to Maria Antonina...

  20. Hey Ara! 200 awesome! And what a great idea for a giveaway.

    I ahve two projects that I ma currently working on, though I don't have pictures on the blog yet. Mmm...probably should do that...

    Tha first is the study of Prof. Meradoch Emerson Pimm's...archeologist and adventurer!

    The second is Medieval ruins that I intend for a friend who writes fantasy novels and short stories. I want to include as many things from his stories in the setting as possible and only recently got the idea for the setting when he wrote "Ruins of Camelot".

    I would LOVE to have something made especially by you for the Professor!

  21. Thanks for everyone's entries!! Make sure to enter soon if you're wanting to.... the drawing is tonight! - ara