Friday, April 12, 2013

The Hallway Continued....

 Hello All!!  Just wanted to show you all how I have continued working on my hallway addition...

I have gone ahead and attached the far left wall of the hallway.  It will make things harder to reach but I think it will be easier to piece things together in the end.  And you can now see the completed carpeting in Gomez and Morticia's bedroom.  It used to be an arm cover from an old velvety chair!
 I decided I wanted to do wood paneling in the hallway so here I am dry fitting and penciling out where I want the paneling to go.  I want to leave space for several ooky family portraits!
And lastly here are the panels all carved, painted, glued and ready to be inserted into the hallway!  I have put them in but I want to wait to do the back walls also before I show you a picture!  So far I am loving it!

Sorry for the short post but I am just excited!  Hopefully I will have a new post for you soon!  -Ara