Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We have a Give-Away Winner!!

Congrats Tabitha - you have won the give-away! You will receive a custom hand-made piece of furniture from me!!

Thank you all for entering the give-away and telling me about your projects. Like I said I wish I could make something for each and every one of you. I appreciate you guys following my blog and commenting and giving me suggestions on my project!!

Here's what Tabitha said about her current projects:

I have two projects that I am currently working on, though I don't have pictures on the blog yet. Mmm...probably should do that...

The first is the study of Prof. Meradoch Emerson Pimm's...archeologist and adventurer!

The second is Medieval ruins that I intend for a friend who writes fantasy novels and short stories. I want to include as many things from his stories in the setting as possible and only recently got the idea for the setting when he wrote "Ruins of Camelot".

I would LOVE to have something made especially by you for the Professor!

Please make sure to visit her blog and see what she's got going on - you won't regret it!!! Think about what you would like made Tabitha and email me at! The professor project sounds exciting!!!

Looking forward to the next give-away, ara


  1. Congrats Tabitha! can't wait to see what Ara creates for you. Your projects sound wonderful.

    Victoria :)

  2. Yay!!! Congratulations Tabitha. :)

  3. OMG!! I just got in and checked the blogs only discover that I, who never win ANYTHING, have won this give-away. I am flabbergasted!

    And thrilled because I love Ara'a stuff. :-)

    I did post a photo of the Prof's study (the birdcage?) but I will now get some up of the Ruins and try to update the study. And to try and decide what I could ask Miss Ara for...Mmmm. I'll need to sleep on many things come to mind.

    Thank you so much! (I still can't believe it..)

  4. I'm excited to hear what you decide!!! I remember the professors study! Have you seen "A Series of Unfortunate Events"? I keep thinking of the Professor/Uncle in that movie that deals with reptiles when I think about your project!

  5. Thanks for organising this, Ara::)! You are the best :). And congratz to Susan!

  6. I can see your piece of furniture is going to be Awesome Ara, its just the sort of project you thrive on so have fun! Cant wait to see it, great giveaway! Well done Susan! Kate xxxx

  7. Congrats Tabitha! It's funny because when I was reading the comments I was thinking that Tabitha's projects sounded really fun project to make something for- I think you're going to have a blast with this Ara!

  8. Congrats Susan and thank you Ara! Rosanna

  9. Congratulations Tabitha, can't wait to see what you choose..x