Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Morticia's Chair

Well - like I said I've had the tinglies in my fingers to get going on the mansion again! And I know this isn't directly a piece of the mansion itself.... but its a VERY important part!

I am so glad I finally found some time to make a custom chair for myself! This is Morticia's famous chair that is seen in almost every episode of the tv show. It's actually a little modernized I feel. This mansion is my vision of the Addams Family mansion so I decided to put a spin on the famous furniture as well.If you want to see what the one from the tv show looked like, it was something like this. So I still kept the 'wicker' look and updated the over all shape. Plus you can see the back of it is a little more 'free form'. The only thing I am not sure about is the color....I feel like its very muddy. Its painted a light brown color and I tried to give it some depth using pastels ... but I'm just not sure..... what do you guys think?

Also, I am sad to say that my Morticia doll will never actually be able to sit in this chair :( Her dress is WAY too tight. I have been thinking about redoing her in the future anyway. Question for doll makers: when you make a doll you usually choose before hand if she will be sitting or standing? Is it difficult to make them do both??

Next in line for furniture will be Gomez's chair. He always sits in this ornate gold throne.... so that will definitely be a fun one to go wild with!


  1. nice chair....
    the collor is not bad...Ara
    hugs marja

  2. These wicker chairs are very popular in houses with gardens over here . It's very suitable for our tropical climate :). I love them because although they are made with cheaper material like wicker or rattan , they look really regal, befitting of Morticia :).

    I think you picked the perfect colours too :).

    When I first decided to have dolls, I too was torn between getting a "posable" one (harder to make and less "character") or one in a fixed position. I think at this moment, I would pick one in a fixed position like sitting etc. My fav doll is Maya who's made in a sitting position (on the floor).

  3. It's fabulous Ara- I love your version! I really cannot hardly wait to see the gold throne though!!!

  4. I love the chair when you look at the back there is a magical star! As for dolls i used to make them many moons ago and I used to always plan if they where standing or sitting dolls. I always used to make the legs slightly longer than real life for sitting dolls to make them look more elegant when sitting in a chair.

  5. Thank you ladies for your comments!

    Sans.... I love your Maya doll as well... I am now thinking about making a Morticia in a sitting position... now that she has a chair. That's how she is always seen in family portraits.... hmmm... this is a toughy.

    Thank you Kat! I noticed the star too after I had completed the chair - funny how those things happen!

    Kim - I am looking forward to the gold throne too..... I am not sure how I am going to do it
    yet though. The one in the show is SOOOO ornate!

  6. Ara, you totally rock! I wish I got email notices when you post a new blog entry. I need to check up more often! <3

  7. Awesome...I love it and the color.

    When I sculpted my one and only doll I didn't put clay over the areas I might want to move...waist, knees, elbows etc. I just wrapped them with batting and under the clothes you can't tell. I am sure that is a most primitive method but it worked :-)

    I was watching the AF last night...the one where it is Halloween and the 2 burglars hide out there - Look what you did to me lol.

  8. Thanks Lindsey! Just joined your blog!!

    TB - haha - everyone is in danger of watching the AF.... they're like potato chips... you can't watch just one!

  9. You can use the wire armature of the doll as a skeleton and make the doll movable...especially with Morticia since her hips, knees and elbows are covered by fabric, it is easy to hide the wire joint.

    If you ever need someone to make the dolls for you, email me at smehreen@gmail.com :D ... Ever since I made the Medusa doll, I've been dying to try out more spooky people. You can see my dolls at http://exoticdolls.blogspot.com