Monday, July 19, 2010

Off Topic: Making Monsters with my Sister

Just wanted to share with you a project I did with my sister when she came to visit me. I asked her what project she wanted to do and she practically yelled, "Lint Monsters!!"

Remember this guy from way back? Well she thought he was the cutest thing and wanted one of her own! They are made from dryer lint. I bought new red towels for my guest bathroom and saved the lint from washing those!

Anyway, here they are! My sister made a duck-monster since thats her favorite animal..... and mine came out a little like "Mike" from Monsters Inc. Hehe! They're both a little over an inch tall.

I'll be posting some Addams Family themed posts shortly.... I promise!!


  1. LOL Ara,so cute ! I think I will make these with my grand daughter when she grows old enough !
    julie xx

  2. hehehehehehehe, I just can't stop giggling looking at Mike and duckie :):). It is uber fun working with your sis , right? Your relationship with your sisters remind me of my relationship with mine. I too have 2 sisters :). I just saved some of Xerxes' cat hair to make paint brushes. There are strict instructions around the house to save all his hair. But I think lint saving is nuttier :).

  3. He he how cool are they! They are really different Ara. Kate xxx

  4. tooo cute Ara! Love them both :)

  5. Thanks everybody :) I'll let my sister know her work is well received!!

    Sans, yes I have a great relationship with my sisters! I have 2 as well and I am the oldest of us 3. Tne nuttiest part is that my sister ended up going through the waste basket in my laundry room trying to find the perfect shade of purple!! haha - I think mini-ing is definitely a contagious thing!