Thursday, September 17, 2009

Off Topic: Around the House Creating Contest

I am a member of All Things Mini and every quarter we have an 'Around the House" Creating Contest where you use a household item to make something. This quarters material was DRYER LINT!!!! It was no easy task to come up with an idea. But my husbands recent surprise to me of taking me to 'Ripleys Believe it or Not' gave me this idea:

Not only does Ripleys have a bunch or weird looking creatures (like a skeleton made of half monkey and half fish - The Figi mermaid), the museum displays things in a really interesting way.

So here is my version. He is the Elusive Closet Monster..... and he is really confused on why he's stuck in this display case!!

The contest has not been judged yet but all entries have been submitted so I figured it was safe to post him up! Anyone have an idea for a name?? :)


  1. Another masterpiece!! Hmmmm, I'm not good with names . . . if something clever pops in my head, I'll post it! Hugs, Marsha

  2. Aww Sans... your comment got lost after I approved it somehow.... Sans said "I have the material for this project staring me in the face everyday".

    Yeah - my husband was wondering why i was keeping it in a little baggie instead of throwing it away!!

  3. Ahhh Im so glad you let him out of the display case, he looks kind of scared in there!! If I show the kids this is the closet monster they wont be scared anymor,e hes cute!!! A name,... will have to think too, no good with names either lol Kate xxx

  4. I meant for him to be a bit scarier... but everynow and then I make something cute by mistake! lol - ara

  5. What FUN!!! I Love it Ara...very very clever...I think I too have one of those in my house... the pesky little booger!!!


  6. His name should be Gristle. But pronounced Gris-Tull :D lol... just thought that was a fun name

  7. Wait a minute--I think he belongs to me since he HAD to come out of my closet! He's wonderful.
    And thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  8. Hes wonderful Ara. Good luck!
    Debie xxxx

  9. I love dryer lint!!! And what better of a way to use it!! So creative!!

    Have no clue on names....(Maybe his name could reference something 'Addams Familish"??)

    He's so cute...


  10. Good thing I didn't enter afterall! Whatshisname is a sure winner. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    hugs K

  11. Ha, ha! This is so creative! He's a little too cute to be a monster, though!

  12. Love it! He looks kind of familiar though :-)

  13. Thanks everyone for commenting! And thanks Mini-Maker for the name suggestion!!!

    I won first place on this one!! I just found out! I am stoked! Now to use my winnings to buy something for one of my projects! Yeeeee!