Monday, September 28, 2009

The Addams Family Musical

Not sure if any of you have heard, but I have, seeing as I research my dear Addams Family all the time. But they are just now coming out with the ADDAMS FAMILY MUSICAL! on Broadway! How exciting right?

Nathan Lane will be playing Gomez and Bebe Neuwirth will be playing Morticia! I can't wait to see how they do. I know a few people have their reservations regarding Nathan Lane but I like to think the people that do casting know a little bit about what they are doing!

It seems to me like they will be basing it off some of Charles Addams original cartoons. I sadly will not be able to see it anytime soon in person but if any of you have the chance to, please let me know how it is!!! Hopefully there will be a version I can buy on DVD or something if I don't get to go :) The hubby has promised to take me if they ever bring the tour down through Texas!!! Yippeee!!

Anyhow, if you are interested in more information you can go here.

Hope everyone is doing well..... hopefully I will be able to pick back up on my blogging soon! Hugs!


  1. How Cool, it will give you more ideas for the house, they are bound to come up with new spooky things on the set for inspiration!
    Kate xx

  2. OMG!!! That sound like a fun show!!!! Maybe I'll win the lottery and go to NY to see it.
    Have a greate creative day
    Bugs & hisses

  3. I LOVE Nathan Lane. I think he can pull it off!! Oh how I wish I could see that!!!! Hugs, Marsha

  4. LOL In my hurry to run off to read about it I forgot to mention that Bebe will be awesome! I loved her as Lillith in Frasier!

  5. How fun they're making it into a musical!
    I loved Bebe as Lilith as well, and I'm sure she will be a fantastic Morticia!

  6. Hi Ara,

    I'm so glad you like my "new" look. Since I got interested in digital scrapbooking, I decided to give it a try and make my own background. I did it on photoshop.

    The banner, I can't remember where I got the background for the banner, but I did "accessorize" it :)


  7. I love musicals! How cool would it be to see the Addams Family!!! I
    ll have to keep my eye open in case it ever comes to the beach:)

  8. Oh, how fun! I love Bebe Neuwirth! I bet this will be awesome!

    I thought about you today while I was in Kroger, LOL. They've been doing some flashback songs on the store "radio," and today they played the Addams Family TV series theme song, perhaps in honor of Halloween. I found myself singing along (yes, I still remember all the words). :-)

  9. Nathan Lane??? Wow,that's a really funny guy. But my all time fav is still Raul Julia. If I live in your area, I will go watch the show too! Tell us all about it, will you?