Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Off Topic: Murph and his new Lady, Esmey

Just to update you on some news.... You remember my friend and hired model Murph? Well the other day he came strolling across my desk with his new WIFE!!! No wonder I hadn't seen him around lately... Though I haven't really had a ton of work for him (as you all could probably tell!!)... Anyway I figure he would have at least invited me to the wedding. Oh well. They say it was a small wedding. Anyway, his wife's name is Esmerelda (Esmey is was he calls her for short). Here is her pic:

It's a horrible picture as they wouldn't stop their evening walk to let me take a better one.

Well today Murph informs me that he thinks its rather unfit for him to bring his new bride home to live in somebody elses house while its being worked on (meaning the Addams Mansion or Bentley Manor).... So I agreed that as a bride I would have been frustrated with that situation too. SOoo I have promised to build them their own little cottage. Its in the works right now. I gave myself a time limit so I wouldn't dilly dally and actually finish something!! I will upload pics of their cute little house when I get it done!!

Hope everyone's doing well! -ara


  1. Oh She's pretty!! but dontcha think they need some clothes, too??? Can't wait to see their new house:)


  2. can't wait to see it ..I am sure it will be SPECTACULAR!

  3. Just watch them Ara, give them a cottage and before you know it little mini Esmey and Murphs will be springing up and theyll want to be moving into that Adams mansion and begging you to get that finished for their arriving offspring!!!lol Kate xxx

  4. I think the happy couple is still in Paradise, no need for clothes there :-)
    So sweet, I'm looking forward to see their new home!

  5. congrats Murph ... yah, I was hoping for an invite too, considering I live in Dallas ... :)

  6. Congrats Murph and Esmey - don't they both look pleased as punch? :D

  7. So funny! Had to giggle at them.

    Mini Leaps and Bounds

  8. Lol. They look happy out strolling on their walk.
    Hope they have a new house soon... poor things!
    Nikki xxx