Sunday, October 25, 2009

Up from the Basement Swap from Rosanna!!!

As you can see from the lovely goodies pictured above, have received my "And it came up from the Basement" swap from the talented Rosanna!! And I am just thrilled to pieces!!! Rosanna told me that this old chest came up from the basement and was filled with this lovely items for an Addams Family picnic!!! Just look at all that was wrapped up in there!! A hand stitched picnic blanket, 6 monogramed plates, 6 vampire napkins (or placemats which is how I think I will use them in the formal dining room - won't they look great??) and two fantsticly gothic looking serving platters!!! Of course my favorite part is the picnic blanket.... and just look at these little sequin spiders:

Rosanna, you are a genius!!! I would have never though of using sequins for the spider bodies!! They are just too adorable!! And can you believe those tiny stitches - and can you believe it - the floss glows in the dark - perfect for the moonlight!!! Rosanna, thank you so so so so much for this lovely swap. The Addams Family and I are just over the moon about everything :)

And in case you were wondering if the Addams Family would be able to put this to good use...... well of course!! Who doesn't love a midnight picnic under the moonlight:

Image from Original TV Series by MGM Home Entertainment


PS. Stay tuned to my Clue Blog for the Halloween day reveal of all the Swaps. (Provided they all arrive in time!!!)


  1. How WONDERFUL a gift from Rosanna... WOW!!!! You are one lucky girl.
    I too have a lovely gift that I received from Karin...and I gave a gift to Kat... when will you show them all on your blog...or...are we too display on our blogs like you did on yours? Waiting to hear...


  2. This is a fantastic idea, how clever and origianl! The Adams' s will sure love their picnic with all those spooky goodies to eat from! Thankyou for your get well vibes too Ara, Kate xx

  3. Hi Ara, I'm happy you loved it.I'm waiting for yours, I'm not sure it will arrive in time but you can post it if it does not. I am so curious about it!!Hugs Rosanna

  4. What a wonderful and thoughtful gift for the Addams!!!


  5. This Picnic set is beautiful! Love the monogram!! And how cute are those spiders! Great job Rosanna! Can't wait to see the rest of the swap items!! :)

  6. You are so right, Ara, this is such a fun and original and oh-so-Rosanna project. I love the picnic pic you picked for the epic piece from Rosanna. Gorgeous and something to treasure. Everything from Rosanna always is.

  7. fantastically thought out idea! Totally original.
    Mine was definitely worth the wait & I got a story to go along with my Hallowitches.
    I'm with Katie when she says she can't wait to see the rest of the swap items!!
    hugs Karin