Friday, October 30, 2009

Off Topic: 'Up From the Basement Swap' for Rosanna

Well, the sad news is that Rosanna has not received this yet. The Italian mail service is up to its old tricks again. I'm just praying that it gets there!!! please please please!!!!

But Rosanna has asked that I go ahead and share what I made for her since I'm supposed to post all the Swaps tomorrow on Halloween!! (which I probably will do at midnight - hehe - can't wait!!)

So without further ado, and with you seeing this for the first time along with Rosanna, here is was I made for her.......

Rosanna and I participated in the "Up from the Basement Swap" by swapping with each other. You can see what she made for the Addams Family a few posts back or see Rosannas post here :) Rosanna told me that her favorite Halloween characters were pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. So that's what I made for her... and I made it coming up from the basement.... oooOOOOoooOOOOoooo

Here you can see a back view, which I personally think looks kind of graceful and elegant ... haha. He comes complete with pumpkinhead, leaf hands and feet and completely wrapped up in his own vine :) He's made out of polymer clay with a wire armature.

Also, his head is removeable for two reasons... one reason would be if Rosanna wanted to make other heads for the body with different expressions, the other reason being if she wanted to put just the head by itself as a carved pumpkin in a scene. Also he is detachable from the stair case, which she can also use anyway she chooses.

And there you have it. Sorry it didn't get to be a surprise in the mail Rosanna but I hope he gets to you very soon as he is supposed to be around for Halloween!!! Oh well :)

To see all 6 of the Swaps together, please go to my Clue Blog. I will be posting it tonight at midnight!! Happy Halloween Rosanna and all my fellow bloggers out there!!!!!!


  1. Oh my! (*shivers*) I'd be awfully scared if I saw him coming up out of my basement (if I had one, that is!). What a great job you've done with this! I had no idea you were such a budding doll artist; I definitely think you should create more of these "character" dolls in the future!

  2. Thanks Belle! He's my first human-ish sculpt! I think I will be trying a few more sculpts in the future!! Maybe a few Addamses :)

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM !!!!and I desperately want him here. Thank you Ara, he is WONDERFUL !!!! I could never ever think of anything like that, He is gorgeous !!! Now, more than ever, I shall keep fingers, toes, and anything you can think about, crossed. Thank you again and again Hugs Rosanna

  4. OMG he is fab ! this is brilliant Ara, you definitely want to try a few more sculpts :0)
    happy halloween !

  5. He is AWESOME!! Ara, just adore him, and love him all tangled up in his vines such a cool idea!
    Parcels here are so delayed too, hope it arrives soon for Rosanna, hate to think of him in limbo somewhere! Kate xx

  6. Hes a dude Ara, Awesome, I luf him lots.
    Debie xxx

  7. Thanks everyone and so glad you like him Rosanna!!!! Now we just need to get the postman on his feet and to your door!!! haha.... hopefully soon!!! Hugs - ara

  8. wow!!! This is truly scary and cool--and so detailed. Love his feet!! No, love his expression even more!

    Julie Old Crow

  9. I do love this creation of yours. As much as Rosanna does I am sure. I am praying along with all of you that the parcel reach Rosanna. Safe bet if it is registered. Wonderful job, Ara, simply wonderful!

  10. What a truly fab pumpkin, he's great! Love the face too!

    Michelle :o)