Monday, November 2, 2009

Need Help with Morticia...

Calling all doll makers....... I need a bit of help.... I have no idea how to give her hair!!! Ack!! Where do you guys get the hair that you use? Any good tutorial videos out there for this? I found one but it didn't quite work with the doll hair I had (it was very stiff and just bad).

Well, this is my first doll attempt... its been really hard to keep her the right size and proportion.... not quite sure how you guys do these ... and so beautifully.... and so quickly!

any advice would be great! PS. Morticia requested I add the black bar.... she's so modest :)

Thanks, Ara


  1. Hi Ara,

    I mostly use mohair and viscose.
    Go here and it will show you wigging on the cross. The only hair product I dont use is tibetan mohair as it comes on the hide and they skin the lambs to get it.

    Hope this helps.

    Debie xxx

  2. Hey, you forgot to add the other black bar! tsk tsk! Morticia's hair is long and straight. Can't you just fashion a wig from some fur material? hehe..sorry, I am shortcutting as usual. Wigging is no joke I heard. I think Morticia is very shapely. Well done, Ara!

  3. Ara, I like this one...
    It's from NickyCC at Nicky's Dolls and Critters. Her blog:

    Morticia looks very sexy... ;-)


  4. I love.
    A gift for you on my blog.
    Skip to withdraw.


  5. I use viscose. There are a lot of suppliers but Jackie will send it first class and she's quick with shipping plus she's a very nice lady!

    I HATE wigging, LOL, that's my least favorite part of the doll process.

    There are lots of tutorials out there for wigging but Morticia has straight hair parted down the middle if I'm remembering correctly and a lot of wigging tutorials are for updo's etc

    Everyone has a different technique. And what works for one person doesn't for someone else, but here's what I would do is at the back of her neck do thin layers of hair from one side of the neck to the other, moving up to ear to ear.

    Then I would take two strips of hair for either side of her face. Draw a line on her head where the part is. Lay a thin strip of glue just a smidgen "in the middle" of the line. Lay one stip of hair there, let it dry, and then flip it over. You can get a toothpick and lay it down on the strip of hair and then flip it over the toothpick and pull toothpick out. Not necessary but some people find it easier to do. Do the other side.

    It may take you a few times to get the hang of it but it's easy to remove and then do it over again.

    Wigging is the very last thing I do. Email me if you have any questions or I can help you further.


  6. Thanks everyone for the great advice... I have already gone through the tutorials and now have an idea of what I need to be doing... Any one know any good, trusty suppliers of this viscose stuff??

    Haha Sans... you are so right... oops!

  7. Wow!! Thank you Marsha!! I will go order from her today.... I have seen that technique you are talking about for the part.... I will def try that! Hugs - Ara :)

  8. Morticia is beautiful, Ara.You've done a wonderful job. Marsha's verbal tutorial is better than some pictorial ones I've seen. :-)

  9. Dont know a thing about dolls but wanted to say ' hey looking good!!!!!!!!!' I can imagine her already with her long dress, going to be superb, clever you!! Kate xx

  10. Ara, this is where I get my viscose; she's fast and so sweet. Morticia's face is remarkable - you're crazy-talented. :)

  11. Thanks De, Kate and Cate!! I am pretty happy with her for now. Hopefully I can get the other family members sculpted (and looking somewhat like her) too!

  12. There's a great hair tutorial on youtube... should be under this link... just copy/paste

    Hope that helps!

  13. Very nice Ara!
    You have nailed the "slinky" look.

  14. Hi try I think she sells doll hair :-)

  15. I LOVE wigging dolls. It's what gives them so much personality. Go to There are TONS of tuts there, several of which are wigging tutorials. Dana, the owner of the list and site, is MARVELOUS when it comes to wigging. All it takes is a little viscose, silk wigging fiber, or mohair, some glue, conditioner, and patience!


  16. Lots of helpful tutorials here, though I don't think she sells anything other than doll kits.

  17. You're so brave.....And she looks so good! I can't wait to see how you finish her...Wish I could give you advice...but I've never tried one.