Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Long time, No Post - Swap Reveal!!!

Hello to everyone! Lots of things have been going on over here ....good things! So yay! Anyway.... I am finally getting around to posting somethings that are WAY overdue! This will be the first of many update posts coming (I'm saying this so that I am commited to posting them so as to not let you guys down :)

First of all, here is a swap I was involved in through my Miniatures group, All Things Mini. The theme was Addams Family Halloween!! haha - how perfect for me right?!? So I got to work thinking about what I would make (you had to make one for each person in the swap). So my thoughts landed on the last scene of the first Addams Family movie. Its halloween night and the family wants to play a game! Of course!! Wake the Dead! So here I have created a tomb stone, rule book and dirty shovel so every one can join in.

Here is what was created by the fabulous Cate. Look at all the Things!! I think I will have him coming out of Gomez's closet (as if he's been playing dress up!!)

And lastly a man-eating plant created by Christina Pardy. It will go strait into the Addamses kitchen. There is funny story about customs you can read on Cate's blog.... but we're pretty sure this is the little guy that threw the customs guys for a loop!

Things to come (so you guys can keep me accountable):
-Awards (several)
-A dressed and wigged Morticia
-Update on status of the Mini-Mansion
-Newly aquired Addams decor
-Grandmama's BED (made for me and its absolutly stunning!)
-A bed I made for Cate (once she gets it in the mail)
-Update on Murph and Esmey's humble abode
Phew... I better get cracking... good thing I have a bit of a long weekend coming up!
Hugs, Ara and the Addamses


  1. Oh the dressed up "thing" are soooo cute! They are so nicely done! a really wonderfull accessorie for an addams family house!

  2. Ara glad to see you back in blogland. Love your swap. Can't wait to see all your other goodies..x

  3. oooh so many things to look forward to Ara! Im giggling at the thought of the customs people having a sneaky look at those goodies!!
    great great swap, lucky everyone!! Kate xx

  4. Ara, I miss you!! I just took out my notebook and jotted down all that you have promised and will be checking against them! LOL

    May I congratulate everyone on their excellent work and yours of course.The macabre is so cute a theme and always make me laugh.

    It's the Hari Raya Haji (Friday)weekend here too and I am going to mini mini mini. So if you are awake in the middle of the night, you will know who else is up and miniing on the other side of earth.

  5. Thanks everyone! I am glad to be back too! Sounds good Sans! I def need someone else with my checklist... i can't be trusted!!:)

  6. Lovely to see you back in blogland Ara :0)
    Fab items here, I love those things !
    Cant wait to see everything else especially morticia !
    julie xxxx