Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving from Ara and Wednesday

Addams Family Values Film (1993) by Paramount Pictures

Thought you all would enjoy a little Thanksgiving Pageant a la the Addams Family. This is a clip from Addams Family Values. Wednesday and Pugsley have been forced to go to summer camp and also forced on to performing the Thanksgiving play. This just goes to prove..... don't make Wednesday angry and then make her the leader of other angry kids and then expect her not to form an uprising. (BTW Pugsley is the one in the giant turkey suit)

Clip uploaded by Youtuber CorkdorkDan, Addams Family Values film (1993) by Paramount Pictures
Have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! And remember, never trust Sarah Miller!
Hugs and Glares, Ara and Wednesday
Disclaimer: I do not support buning people at the stake, etc.... This is just a fun clip from a fictional movie having to do with both the Addams Family and Thanksgiving. Also I am not trying to force any views on people regarding the Pilgrims and Native Americans... please enjoy the clip in good fun :) Also please do not try this at home....or at camp!


  1. I LOVE this clip it always makes me giggle so much Ara!! Wednesday is the best!! Kate xx

  2. LOL, Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Ara!!

    I have to say I LOVE Wednesday!!!


  3. haha ..i love this film!
    happy Thanksgiving Ara and familie!
    hugs Marja

  4. This is so funny only because I have always thought this must be exactly how the Indians feel..oops, hope I didn't offend anyone ! Ara, thank you for sharing :)! Have a great holiday and lets both look forward to a miniful weekend!

  5. Love the disclaimer. Funny clip. I never went to a camp like this! Wait. I never wend to camp. :(

  6. I love the disclaimer, too!! Funny how things we post can be taken totally out of context , huh!!

    Cute clip...Makes me want to watch the movie.....