Sunday, October 16, 2011

Moved my work space....

We're still adjusting to Miss Bella being here... and one of those adjustments was figuring out how to protect the baby from the minis, and protect the minis from the baby! So I worked my tail off cleaning out the back room of my house to move my office into it. Before it was in what should have been our dining area (we're an eat in front of the tv type of family).

DH got some shelves hung for me and I got my retro floor lamp installed so we're good to go now! We also got the mansion snug in its own corner. There's actually more room for me to spread out here I think. The dogs have to live underneath the whole thing but they're no trouble. I like to say they live in the 'basement'.

I have also made an extensive to-do list. Now a days it seems like if its not on a list... it won't get done. My first to-do is a sculpt I have been putting off that is absolutely necessary for the completion of this mansion. I have to be in the mood to sculpt... And I think I finally am! I'm not going to tell what it is in case I fail miserably.... but hopefully will post soon with the results!



  1. Your room is beautiful Ara! I recently was able to have - for the rest time ever! - a room for creating too and it has been a God-send!
    I trust it will add greatly to your sense of calm; being able to shut that door!
    (Is it Gomez? It's got to be Gomez right? ;)
    My Molly needs her Mr. Weasley soon too! :D
    Great to see you as always! Bug hug!

  2. It looks great Ara, well done. now you have a quiet spacve you can go to - that's if you get time of course.
    Keep up the great Blog.

  3. Awesome craft room :) I never thought of putting a doll house on the dog crate LOL, I have the biggest one made so I could fit a couple. So glad you are settled and back Ara. I can't wait to see your sculpt. I love your hanging lamps :)


  4. Hello, you wish that the new facilities are comfortable and facilitate your work, look for new jobs. a big hug and congratulations.

  5. Lovely space to work in Ara. Love the To Do List..

  6. Thank you all. I am quite enjoying working in here away from all the chores I need to get done lol. -ara

  7. Have enjoyed looking at your creative corner ! Looking at where people create is one of the things I really enjoy doing :). Love enlarging all the pictures and soaking in your details. Love the retro hanging lamps, and that shelf with all your chairs.Thanks for sharing Ara.