Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Working on the Master Bed.... going for ooky...

So yes ... I have been procrastinating on the house again by working on more furniture. I am in the process of making Gomez and Morticia's bed. I constructed it and stained it and then wanted to put something ooky on it in the center. I thought a monogram but I came across this Egyptian beetle symbol and it just struck me. The Addams love Egyptian antiques and it seem just ooky/charming enough for the bed. What do y'all think??

Now just to work on the bedding...

Also, below you can see the bed before I finished it... it was for a Spring Cleaning contest on All Things Mini!! Here you can see my lovely dog Clemy helping with the laundry (I wasn't happy with the flocking on the dog but it was my first try)! And I won second place!!! (Never mind that there were only 2 entries - haha). Tara won first place. You can see hers here.

Now everyone repeat after me "Ara, stop messing around and go work on the dang HOUSE!"


  1. Fab Bed Ara, is that a Scarab beetle its cool. Are you going to continue the egyptian theme in their room or will it be more eclectic? Needs a bedroom now to go in to show it off, so off you go Ara, be a good girl!!! Kate xx

  2. Ara stop messing about an go and work on the DANG house LOL. Well at least when the mansion is finished you wont have to make a lot of the goodies :O)

    Debie xxx

  3. Ara, the bed is beautifully done. Now repeat after me...."Stop messing around and go work on the dang HOUSE!" lol

  4. Nah, I won't tell you to stop messing around b/c I do the same thing, you have to work on what calls at you and they do need furniture!! The bed turned out great and you first attemt at flocking is a lot better than mine was!! :)

  5. Did you use wood-burning to draw the beetle?

  6. Kate, I am not quite sure yet... I think it would be fun to do all in Eqyptian stuff but I also don't want to limit myself to early to one theme. Their whole lives are eclectic so who knows!!!

    thanks Debie and Casey for the encouragement to get going! - haha!

    Thanks Marsha... its even home-made flocking so it got a bit lumpy. Hopefully it'll be better next time!

    Sumaiya, I thought about doing that but I don't feel 'skilled' enough yet to get that intricate... I painted it on before I stained the wood.... and then I stained the bed and it kind of aged the 'gold' part. Then I re-outlined the beetle in a permanent black marker for definition. I hope to better my burning skills in the future!!! -ara

  7. Hee! I sometimes get distracted building furniture, too. It's just nice sometimes to be able to complete an entire project in a day or two, rather than working on a build that seems to go on forever.

    I love what you did with the bed - very "ooky"! Now you've got the song running through my head again. My friends and I used to actually sing through the whole thing sometimes; yes, we were an odd bunch.

    I love your doggy, too. The expression you've captured on its face is perfectly adorable.

  8. It looks wonderful Ara....I love how you did it...looks much better than you made it sound.

    As for getting going...well you have to make a house and you have to fill it so does it matter which order you do it all in...do what you feel like at the time :-)

  9. "Ara, stop messing around and go work on the dang HOUSE!"

    Dontcha love copy and paste? ;-)

    I am constantly distracted by building furniture. I think it's a disease. ;-)

  10. What a fantastic transformation. The bed looks great. Now, get back to work on that house. That bed needs a bedroom! :-)

  11. You have done a great job with that bed. Now you have got to work on that chest too. I think I will make some furniture soon too.

  12. You have painted it on so beautifully ... it looks like it was burned on ... except it's much neater and precise :)