Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Off Topic: Wedding Chair Parts Breakdown...

I had several comments from people asking me what I made the back of the wedding chair (that I made for Sans) out of. So here is my big secret. It actually all started with my dogs tearing apart some outdoor lights.....

Here is the main part of the back. You can see where it originally came from here.

After they tore up the lights I was pretty upset but then when I started looking at the individual pieces I saw the mini-potential!! I always check what you're about to throw away for mini-potential!! I just took an xacto and started splitting up the light cases and all kept all the pieces for when I need them.

Also the flowery parts on the chair are actually from clothing embellishments. I just clipped the metal teeth off of the back and carefully applied them to the chair. Then painted the whole thing to look like one piece! The rest of the chair is basswood that I cut to fit.

And there you go... that's how the chair came together...

Also, you might also recognize these outdoor light parts in the back of Lurch's organ:


  1. Very cool! I had wondered where you got the awesome carved back for the bench! :-)

  2. I wondered how you made that organ back look so good ! I just love a find like that, I bet your dogs were forgiven fast :0)
    Love the chair too ,
    julie xxx

  3. This is the MOST fun part of miniatures dont you think! using so many strange and 'quite useless for anything else' items to create such a masterpiece! Trouble is my motto of 'Never throw anything away' is ok if you have a big enough house to take it all..and we dont!!! lol Kate xxx

  4. Trash to treaure! How clever you are! Isn't it rewarding to be able to re-purpose something? The chair is beautiful.

  5. Ara!!!!! LOVE your Creative thinking!!!!
    you should give your little helpers (Your dogs) a hug for helping you with your Addams family house.
    Have a wonderful Creative day!!
    Bugs & Hisses

  6. LOL...I still don't get it, What kind of outdoor lights are you talking baout?? I thought you had used one of those wooden chenise fans, Haha...boy was I wrong:)

    Glad to have you back!!! LOVED the chair you made for Sans!!! WOW!!! :)

  7. Very clever and well done.


  8. Ah, the keen eye of a miniaturist sees potential in everything!! Awesome!! :) Hugs, Marsha

  9. How clever! Thanks for sharing! I have several drawers filled with odds and ends I hope can become useful one day, but this is fantastic work!
    The wedding chair was outstanding and I love Lurch's organ (I know I've said it before, but just had to say it again!).

  10. Knew it's not a fan! But what a fab lamp then! I will really treasure it knowing where the parts are from. I have a whole cupboard of junk i hope to recycle into beautiful objects :).