Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mail Call: A gift from Sans....

The mail came today!!! Thing answered it as usual and found a package from Sans to the Addamses!!! I knew what it was but the Family was clueless. You can see Thing showing off the contents of the package below:

Its a Limited Edition Harem Hookah from Sans! Pipe Dreams!!!! Also in the package were several skeleton hands that I believe will be worked into a cooky chandelier!!

As you can see the Addamses have been enjoying the Hookah for many years now and are very proud to own their very own Sans!! (but when should we inform Thing that he might have a slight issue with this activity??)

Image from Original Series by MGM Home Entertainment

Thank you Sans for the beautiful Pipe! We all love it!! The Addamses have something for you as well to represent their gratitude. Thing will be dropping it in the post sometime this weekend!!

Hugs from the Mini-Mansion, Ara (and thankful glares from the Addamses :)


  1. How absolutely wonderful!!! Oh, I can't wait to see the Mini-Mansion all in its glory!!

  2. That's awesome Ara!

    I guess nows as good a time as ever.

    I also got you some housecooling gifts. A Meat Cleaver, Flail, Halberd and Candlestick Phone.

    I had to Ara, I had to! ;)


  3. Oh Ara, you have photographed my, I mean, your pipes so beautifully!Did you manage to get the same wallpaper too?? I too cannot wait to see how everything is going to turn out. I am so flattered and honoured, Ara :). Is this the first time we are meeting Thing? He is one "hand"some ..thing!

  4. What a wonderful surprise, its great and those hands on a chandelier cant wait :O)
    Debie xxx

  5. Oh this is wonderful ! Your mansion is going to be such a fabulous place with all the wonderful pieces you are gathering :0)
    julie xxx

  6. Fantastic. What a lovely gift from Sans..x

  7. What a awesome addition to the mansion- how kind of Sans!! It is beautiful---but in a creepy, kooky way- don't let the Adams' know I said it was pretty! I can't wait for the kooky chandelier!!!

  8. The hookah is too cute! ... can't wait to see Tara's flail!

  9. I must say thank you to all of you who are interested in the mansion!!! You guys keep me going. And especially thank you to Sans!!! Please everyone go over and read her blog- she can tell a great story :) and make one heck of a hookah!!

    Thank you so much Tara!!! You soooo shouldn't have but I am so excited!!! Now I need to finished the study walls so I can get some of these things hung up for display!! hugs!!!

    Sans, you know I didn't even notice the similarities in the wall paper... haha its just scrap book paper I clamped on to cover the bare walls for the photos.... BUT now I am considering a whole different look to in include the paper! Thanks!!! Also let me know if you want higher res copies of the photos for your own purposes :) It wasn't too hard to get good photographs of such a beautiful piece!!

  10. the chandelier made pressure:O) The pipe if fab. Can't wait till its all in place, you have some fantastic pieces!!

  11. The hookah looks great! And I love Thing :-)