Monday, June 1, 2009

I've been tagged twice! Oh my!

So awhile ago Julie Campbell from Bellabelle's dolls tagged me and I am just now getting around to it! Yikes! Please go visit her blog and check out her beautiful creations!! and please go a few post back and make sure you get to her "Old lady who lived in a Shoe" post. The little children are just precious!!
Also I was recently tagged by Beyondbaffled. Go to her blog and make sure you check out the antics of her adorable little dolls!! Currently she's working a Saloon that I can already tell is going to be spectacular!
I am gonna skip tagging people this time since I did so about a week ago or so... I'll tag again the next round ;) Instead I'm gonna list 6 tools I haven't been able to live without this week as I have been working:
1. My box cutter..... forget the xacto knife (that thing hurst my hand!) the box cutter is king!
2. Tacky Glue... I love you!
3. Not exactly a tool.... BUT I love my 1/2" thick peice of plywood cut the perfect size for my lap and my storage cupboard that I do projects on. It's easy to move and can take quite a beating!
4. My set of metal files... boy those things work fast and get into the smallest spaces!
5. My new sculpting/carving tools... they are so tiny and so helpful.
6. And lastly ... this thing .... my new favorite friend :)
BTW - Happy beautiful Texas morning to anyone reading this! Today is starting out wonderfully as work just made a wonderful annoucnement! I won't be specific but lets just say it frees up my time to do more on my minis - yay!

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  1. I ADORE my Easy Cutter! There is just no way I could have built all my floors without it. What kind of sculpting/carving tools do you use, and what do you use them for?

    I hope whatever your company announced truly is good news for you! Where in Texas are you? I'm in the Houston area.