Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Light Award :)

We recently received the light award from the Whittakers over at The Whittakers Miniatures!!! Thank you guys!! We are really so honored to receive this one as I have seen they've been going to really special people all over blog world. I love the idea behind it and the rules that go along with it.

The Rules of this Award:
1.-To complete the following phrase: I AM A LIGHT AND WANT TO ILLUMINATE...
2. - Link the blog from where the award came from and leave a message informing that person it has been received.
3.- Link and pass the award to five blogs that, in your opinion, are blogs of light.

So here goes.... I am a light and want to illuminate God's love to everyone. God has really been there for me in my life and I pray that anyone who feels led would run to him too. He walks with me daily through life and I would not make it one step without Him.

And now to pass it on to 5 blogs of light:

My sisters blog at Imperfect Saint. She right now is in a small town in Brazil working with young children and teenagers and teaching up a storm. Its going to her for bringing light into many childrens lives this summer.

Sans over at Dollhouse Diaries. Her stories are always delightful and she sheds light on the beauty of a culture other than my own. I love learning new things through following her projects.

MiniKat at Little Thoughts From an Average Mind. She is getting this award not only because I enjoy her blog of course but also because back when I first started this whole blog thing I remember she made me feel very welcome!! Thank you for that!

Also to Tara at The Dollhouse at Pooh Corner. Tara is such a generous soul and I have really enjoyed getting to know her. You can see her light all the way from Hawaii (lucky girl)!!

And lastly Nikki at Witch and Wizard Miniatures. She is always willing to lend her brilliant ideas to anyone who's stuck on a project and the lovely face she sculpts into her minis will light up anyones day!! :)

I know some of you have received this one already but I just couldn't help myself! Thanks for lighting up my day you guys :)

Don't you think Fester is the perfect guy to present this award? I told him he should have presented it with the lightbulb in his mouth... oh well...

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  1. Ara, I am soooo honoured and flattered to have received this award again from you :). Makes my Monday bright and happy. I love what you are doing too so don't ever stop, you hear? :) lol