Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The fate of the Blue house as been decided....

.... and boy are the Addamses glad to get their blog back :)

I watched a few movies last night for inspiration.... a couple of them recommended to me :) But I finally decided what the Blue house must become:

I am chronologically starting the story of Bentley Manor after that whole fiasco with Mr. Boddy so that they stories, rooms and even weapons can even be left up to my imagination :) But of course the well known and lovable (cough cough) characters will remain the same.

Please visit my new blog Clue: Murder at Bentley Manor to follow along with this project. It will go a bit slower than the Addams Family Mansion because I promised not to neglect them :) But I will post whenever I get something for it done! I am just glad to have a direction before I start renovating... this way I can keep some of the natural creepiness from the oldness of the house if I need to :) Thanks for all of the ideas! -ara


  1. So glad you choose to do the clue house!! It's going to be so neat!!! :) I'm off to see the other blog now!

  2. Addams Family House and a Clue House - your blogs are the best!!!