Thursday, June 25, 2009

A gift to Sans and the Maharajah from the Addamses...

To thank Sans! for her beautiful one-of-a-kind hookah that she sent to the Addamses, they sent over a handmade Indian Wedding Chair. Please head over to Sans blog and see the wonderful reception of the chair in the Palace! I hope it will participate in many happy marriages to come!

And once again thank you Sans! (and Tara!)


  1. Wow this is an amazing chair, lucky Sans, its so very Regal!
    Kate xx

  2. What a fabulous chair, Ara!! :) Marsha

  3. Beautiful Ara...Sans is very lucky :-)

    What did you use for the lattice work on the back ?

  4. Ara, THANK YOU! Yes, maybe you can share the latticework secret! :) It is too well put together for me to tell.

  5. I loved the blog Sans wrote about the bench. It was so fun! :-)