Sunday, October 13, 2013

A post with no pictures :( Update!

I HATE putting up a post without pictures but I have to wait til Halloween to show you what I have been up to!  This is going to be hard because I have been having so much fun creating!!

1.  I have finished the room (aging the walls, inserting doors, painting...etc)
2.  I have made one piece of essential furniture (not saying what it is!)
3.  AND I have finished my second doll I have ever made.

Here is what this doll-making trial has taught me:
- I am SO not good at smoothing clay.  I think its good until I bake it and then it looks like the surface of the moon!  Bumpy!
-Sewing small clothes are hard... esp when your sewing skills are such that it takes you 30 mins just to thread the machine.
-Human proportions are hard.
-If you force a piece of clothing over a doll head hard enough IT WILL BREAK OFF!

So this doll may not be a permanent part of my collection but I am proud of the end result all the same.  Especially for doll #2.  I know I will never be a professional doll maker but I would love to be able to make them for myself in a pinch!

So that's your mid-month update.  Not sure how much longer I can wait to post photos but I am taking several along the way!  Hope you are all having a wonderful fall!  hugs, Ara


  1. Ara! That fact that you can make a doll is awesome! I tried to sculpt a cat head the other night and I ended up with everything from a horse to a dog, but no cat.. I finally ended up just making some mushrooms, lol. So be proud of yourself for finishing it:) can't wait to see the room!!

    1. Thank you Katie! Haha! I bet the mushrooms were adorable!! hugs, Ara

  2. I so agree with Katie. I will never be able to make a doll and most things from scratch. Thank goodness there are so many things available to help us now so all we have to learn to do is Bash!

    Ara, I am also impatient for the pictures. Sounds really exciting! I am sure it will be of your usual superb standard! :)

    1. Sans, I just logged onto do my update to your two lovely comments!!! Thank you! I hope my pictures do not disappoint! hugs, Ara