Sunday, August 30, 2009

I got it!!! My swap items from Kate!

If you missed Kate's post about a week ago, I will fill you in.... she and I are doing a swap and I just got my items from her!!!! They are all for Grandmama's basement are they are more perfect than I could ever imagine!!

She made me this lovely cabinet of items that will be one of the centerpieces for the basement! Its got potions, scrolls, toadstools, (and my favorite) the most perfectly worn stack of books on the bottom shelf! I ALWAYS see Grandmama with her nose in a book. She just loves these! Below you can see Thing checking out the cabinet.... I think he likes the Bat details on the top!! :)

She also sent me these lovely objects to work into other cabinets and parts of the basement. Wednesday has claimed the wooden box of spiders (but being a good sister she shared the rats that were also in there with Pugsley! Also Grandmama has been practicing her curses with the skulls Kate sent. She's been chasing around Murph trying to curse him into a pile of firewood for her cauldron!!

And here are the other lovely bottles she sent. I am trying to think if I have time this week to mess with some Michael's hutches so I can get these guys a home!! They're just too cute not to be on display somewhere!! Look at the little skull top on that bottle!

And last but not least Kate sent me a Halloween issue of American Miniaturist with this article in it! It - is - so - incredibly - perfect!!! for the Addams house. It has this wonderful how-to article for making old distressed siding for houses. I will be studying it like crazy and trying to replicate it on the Mini-Mansion!

Thank you soooooo much Kate!!! You are so amazing and the whole Addams Family thanks you (and me too of course) for helping me on my poor neglected project - haha! You are inspiring me to get a few more things done on it this week! My pretty things need a home!!

Off topic: here's a pic of me from this weekend. My hubs took me on a surprise date....

Don't be too jealous....... he took me to the wax museum here in DFW.... haha so this is not the real Mr. Depp :) But they do a pretty good job huh? Thought you would like this Kate, haha!


  1. Gosh, I can't for the life of me ever figure out why some pics blow up bigger and some don't :( I wish that top pic would work... everything is so detailed! If anyone knows how to fix it please let me know! thanks -ara

  2. What a great package of treats for the Mansion!! I swear sometimes I feel like I will never get as good at this as some of you gals! Such a cute couple you and Johnny make Ara! What a fun date!!

  3. Ara, delete it and then re-load it. Dunno if that would help. When I upload my pictures I upload the picture I want to appear first last. Did that make sense?

    Anyhoot, WOW WOW WOW, what fabulous goodies from Kate!! Such detail. The jars are awesome and I love the skellie candles!! He looks so REAL!!!!

    OMG, I about fell on the floor when I saw that picture of you with Johnnie! DROOLING, I LOVE Johnnie!


  4. What a fun trade! The Addams' are going to have a blast with all that nrat stuff!!

    LOVE that picture of you! Not to mention your standing next to one of my favortite actors! Yum! :)

  5. Ara, firstly can I say, you and Johnny.......great looking couple....though it must be said i think hed be better off with me ( dont let my John see this!!!!!) Yep, love that photo, I think I would have just stood there stroking him, yum!!
    Secondly, you are welcome, glad everyone likes it all, and these something for everyone? I just thought that mag was so you, its my fav ever edition of American Miniaturist, so many spooky treats. So much so I bought myself another copy a year ago incase the children ever got their mitts on it. But now it is with you and mine is put away somewhere they cant get to it..........she says hopefully!
    Have fun with it all, you can fit some of the other bottles on top or infront of the cabinet, that was how i saw it, and meant to take a photo but was too impatient to get it posted to you. ENJOY, lots of Love Kate xxxxx

  6. Lucky treats and Johnnie all in a few days. You likely need a rest from all the excitement now huh :-)

    The spooky things are just wonderful...the books are my fave too.

    I can't seem to find any pattern in which photos can be clicked and which can't.

  7. ...and there I was, thinking, "hmmm...your hubby looks quite like Depp..."

  8. I love all the things Kate made for you. They are great!!!