Thursday, June 7, 2012

Off Topic: Baby Bella is One!

 Yes its true!!!  Somehow a year has gone by already!  I can hardly believe it!  Arabella has turned one and is starting to toddle!  I have no choice but to keep my minis behind a locked door from now on (until she's old enough to appreciate them of course).

We had an Alice in Wonderland themed party!  The invitation said "Arabella in 1-derland" .... get it? lol.  I am so cheesy.  My sister and I worked hard to get her a little Alice outfit ready for me to have fun and take pictures!  I used my 'mini' skills to build a set complete with doll house door!  I wish I could have kept it, but it was very wobbly (made from just mat board).

 Sadly my little Alice was not very interested in all the hard work I put into her set and I had to repeatedly bribe her with snacks until I could tell she was too tired to go on.

I also had made some centerpieces for the tables with fake flowers that I glued googly eyes on :)  So I pulled them out of their vases and stuck them in the garden so take a few more shots.  This is actually one of my favs... looks like she's listening to the flowers chatting away!

I got so Alice-inspired that I had to make a few Wonderland mini's for my shop!  And then I thought "how about a sale to celebrate Bella's bday?".... so click here to go to my business blog and you can go see all the Alice items that are for sale.  Or you can go straight to my etsy store by clicking the link on the right side (just look for the items that say BDAY SALE in the title)!

I also just had to add one more photo.... I retook one of the newborn photos but with Bella as a one year old!  Look how much she's grown!!  Yes... she's chewing on the dolls head!  (told you I had to keep my minis behind a locked door!)

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!  You have blessed my life more than you will ever know!  Love, Mommy