Thursday, December 10, 2009

Off topic: The 8 ball!!

I just got thrown the 8 ball by Tabitha of Tabitha Corsica. Please check out her blog and all the wonderful projects she has posted on there... I dare you to visit and not be inspired!! She's fabulous!

Well I am learning that the 8 ball consists of answering 8 questions and then throwing it to someone else. I like these because you get to learn a little about your fellow bloggers! So here goes:

Names that I am called: Ara, Ara D., DiAnn.... and in highschool... Pumpkinhead

Three Items I am wearing: Ballet flats, scarf, and sweater (and pants ... added that so there'd be no confusion on the fact that I am fully dressed :)

Three things I did yesterday, last night and today: Yesterday I had a fight with Target (yes the store... I am not their biggest fan at the moment). Last night I processed some photos of my new second cousin (so cute!) and Today I will be wrapping gifts at my good friends house :)

Name two things you have eaten: I ate a sandwich from Panera Bread (had a lunch meeting), and I will be eating Pizza later as I wrap gifts :)

Two people I have rung today: Target..... to tell them just what I think of their whole 'shipping and return' policies.... and my husband to tell him congrats on his finishing all his finals with good grades!

Two things I will do today: Wrap gifts, do the dishes (ick).
Three Best Loved Drinks: Diet Dr. Pepper ( I have to be careful because i get easily addicted to it!), Chocolate Milk, and Apple Juice.... yum.

Three Things I Intensely Wish:

1) I wish everyone would have a great Christmas and not get wrapped up in the gifts, stores (ahem....Target), and money and remember the real reason for this holiday.

2) I wish that everyone who is ill or have a family member who is ill or in the hospital would be better by Christmas and be able to be home and happy with their families.

3) I wish for a new job..... I pray for a new job.....

Thanks Tabitha for throwing the ball to me!

And now I am throwing it onto Kate of The Whittaker's Miniatures! Have fun!

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  1. I love diet Dr. Pepper and Cherry Coke and Cherry Pepsi!!!

    Nothing worse than being stuck at a job you don't care for, Pumpkinhead (my mom called me that too)! I hope you find one that you love!

    And congrats to your hubby!