Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Get your tickets for the Addams' Living Room Tour.....

That's it ... don't push now ... everyone get in line and get your ticket for a tour through the Living Room of the Addams Mansion.

Now, remember folks that the mansion is still being built... as you will see as you walk through, there are several columns missing and the lighting has not been installed. However, you are just in time to see the finished stairway that has been custom built for the Addams'. Also, Mrs. Addams has placed items just for this showing so they may be enhanced or moved in the future.

Alright... who's first.... yes you. Alright, please enter through the door and you'll find your tour guide, Mrs. Addams herself.....

***Creeeeeeeeeeek***** The door slowly opens

"Ah...Welcome", says Mrs. Addams as she finishes putting out her last vase of freshly dead roses. "Welcome to my home. Come in.... and watch the Polar Bear rug, he hates guests."

"Hookah? No? Well it is rather early in the evening for smoking. I'll ring Lurch for some Lady Fingers. We just got in a fresh batch. Please sit."

"My family is doing quite horribly, thank you for asking. They are out collecting swamp gas for Pugsley's upcoming Science Project."

"So as you can see we're still in the process if making the mansion our home... several things still look a little too 'new' and 'clean'. Also, we've lost our moose head for the fireplace, Gomez has been hunting for a replacement for weeks. Its been a slow process but we Addamses love suspense...."

"Well thats the end of the tour" *A snapping noise from the corner of the room*

"Oh Thing, how thoughtful of you, but the upstairs study isn't quite complete. Gomez's desk has not even arrived yet."

"You will have to come back for the tour of the rest of the house..... no, you will not have to re-buy your ticket, you have a lifetime pass. Lurch has bagged a few lady fingers for you for the road, enjoy."


  1. Ara its looking great so far. Looking forward to seeing your fabulous project progress..xx

  2. O Ara, I am having just a great time making whirlwind tours! I will gladly buy another ticket for the house. The staircase looks fabulous! I want to go home and start my next project too!

  3. Oh, my, Ara, it is looking fabUlous!! I love the fireplace screen!!!

    Isn't it exciting to see it coming to life!!


  4. (applauding!) Looking Fantastic Ara!

  5. Ara, everything looks great. Thanks for sharing your progress!


  6. as my thanks to you for that lovely tour, I've left something on my blog for you....besides the plug for you LOL
    hugs Karin

  7. ohhhhhh ara its great...
    i love the tour..
    thank you!
    x Marja

  8. Its looking so good Ara !! I love thing pointing up the stairs, he makes me want to go up there now :0) This is really coming together fantastically,
    julie xxx

  9. How fun! *grin*
    It is looking great

  10. Oooh yay, Id love a ticket! I adore that wallpaper and the firescreen is wonderful Ara did you make it! Hurry Hurry, have to see more please!!!! :-) Kate xxx

  11. I love it! Every detail is wonderful. And the hookah is to die for!


  12. Ara- it looks so fab!!! I love the carpet on the staircase- the polar bear rug- the organ looks great where it is placed- all so wonderful!! I am saving my ticket in a safe place- I don't want to miss the next tour!!!

  13. Thanks everyone for the kind comments! There is still lots to do! But I am now ready to focus on getting things up on the wall and getting stuff for the study upstairs!! Hopefully there will be another tour in a short while! hugs, ara

  14. Funny story Ara and the place looks terrific so far! Already there are so many lovely details to enjoy and I love the wallpaper and the stairway too!

  15. Love the tour!
    I have an award for you on my blog if you would like to play along. I've really enjoyed following your blog!

  16. Wow.. Love the details. I have an award for U on my Blog. Your blog is one of my favs :)

  17. Ara it looks fabulous. I love the wallpaper and the carpet on the stairs. Can't wait to see the rest!

    On other matter, there is an award for you in my blog. Come pick it up if you like :)

  18. Looks great :-) I wish I was miniature and could live in it :-)

  19. Love the tour! Seeing all your creativeness come to life is fantastic!!