Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Business is Booming and I am Tired!!

But good tired!!

I know y'all don't want to hear another blog on why I've been such a very bad blogger and blogging friend. But its good news this time! I have been really working on trying to get Bentley House Productions up and running and I guess I've done something right!

I got my first order off of Etsy this past week and I am just over the moon about it! Plus I have 2 custom orders that I am working on at the moment. Plus lots and lots of plans!!! Those of you doing Alice in Wonderland tea party scenes.... stay tuned for chairs, chairs, chairs!!! (hopefully they'll be coming soon!

Plus I've got a few side swaps going (kate.... I'm getting started this week!! promise!!) (oh and Jayne.... your piano bench will be coming soon!) Phew!!

I can't tell you how upset the Addamses are at me right now as their mansion has coming to a grinding hault! Its just sitting on my desk collecting dust at the moment (not that they mind too much - they like dust).

I need to do something for them soon.... because its not really good to get on the bad side of the Addams Family.... I am thinking I might make some of those lovely skull candelabras like Tabitha did. She sent me some beads and instructions for it so I have NO excuse!!

OK - well thanks for everyone for still staying tuned to my silent blog! You guys are awesome!!


  1. (((Ara))) Congratulations on your first etsy sale! That is exciting! :)

    You sound like me, same amount of balls in the air!

    Busy is a good thing, it gets all of those creative juices flowing. :)

  2. Ara Ditto! The children are back to school and apart from PC problems which have held me back most of this week, I should be all ready to start this weekend!! Looking forward to it and then the Adamses will be happy again :-) Ooooh you tease you, Alice tea party chairs, you read my mind!! I cant wait to start my project and it will be easy as its going on a shelf on my book unit as its wide enough to take chairs and tables and then ill have the mushrooms and hopefully if Jayne is agreeable flowers in the background! So ill be needing those chairs let me know as soon as they are going on please wont you! How exciting! lol Kate xxxx

  3. Ara- Congrats on the sales!!!! How awesome! I don't think you should worry too much about blogging- I think everyone has their own pace- and I know I always love to see you post and figure your fingers are busy making things when you don't :) Can't wait to see those candelabras :)

  4. Oh and P.S Congrats on your first sales Ara, may you have many many more xxxxxx

  5. Oooh, fun! What did you sell? Your creations are all so cute an imaginative! I hope you'll post pics of your custom orders once you finish them.

  6. Enhorabuena, por todos los encargos que tienes, eso quiere decir que trabajas bien.
    Yo por mi parte, no te pienso perder la pista jejeje
    Espero ver tus nuevos trabajos pronto.
    besitos ascension

  7. Fortunately everything is well with you Ara
    and you were just busy ...
    nice stuff in your etsy shop
    hugs Marja

  8. Glad to hear alls going well for you Ara. Was wondering where you'd gone..xx

  9. Thank you guys for the congrats!!! I have been really happy all week!! And thanks again for sticking around!!! Love you all! -ara

  10. Hello stranger :-)

    Congrats on the orders and sales.

    Don't stress about the bench...he is happy just drunkenly leaning up it still :-)

  11. Hey, Ara! Congrats on your etsy sales! Figured you were busy with the rest of us. I was wondering when you might get around to that is really sooo easy and Morticia would be thrilled with it. ;-)


  12. Ara, am so happy for you that being your own etsy boss has worked out really well for you but that should not have been surprising. Get permission from your patrons and post the work that you have been commissioned to do , ok? I always look forward to seeing your work. Well done Ara! hugs and kisses :)!

  13. Thank you Jayne and Sans!!! Yes - I am loving this Etsy thing!! Just loving it! I will definitely keep a record of my custom orders and share them... they'll all pop up on Etsy when I finish them anyway! hugs to all, Ara

  14. WOW!!! everyone seems to love my sister!!! Well im glad im your sister and i get to love you even MORE!!! YOUR amazing sister and im proud of you! God has always had a wonderful plan for your life! LOVE YOU!!!!

  15. My dear Ara

    Thank you so very, very much for your donation. It is very much appreciated.

    I am so touched by the generosity of people donating and helping me get the word out.

    Thank you again and good luck xxx