Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Fun and Give-Away Reminder

Hi All,

So I have been seeing some awesome books on several blogs and I was feeling left out of the fun!  So I decided to sit down during Bella's nap time and let mt creativity flow!  So far I have done two and learned a lot!  They are not so easy!

I feel like I have learned a lot just fiddling with these for a couple house.  I have 4 more "pages" made so I will be playing with those more later (maybe tonight after bedtime).

Poor Bella has been sick so she has been sleeping a lot.  I want her to get better fast but I am taking advantage of the long nap time!

Also remember to enter my Give-Away!!  I will draw the winner tomorrow.

If you still have not entered you can click on this link to get all the information and ways to get put into the drawing twice!!

Best of luck to you all!  If Bella feels up to it, she will pick the winner tomorrow!

Now to go find nooks to stick these books into in the mansion.....



  1. wow Ara- I think they are awesome! I am jealous of mini book makers also- I struggle with them too. I think I just need to practice more-but my mind is always jumping to something else and there goes my patience-lol!

  2. Thanks Kim! I decided to just sit and make some for myself! I took the pressure off since I knew if they didn't turn out well I could just chunk them and no one would know! lol. It was fun! -Ara

  3. I think you did really good with the books! I love making books and you can never have enough :)
    Hope Bella feels better soon.


    1. That's why I figured I should start making some of my own! I can never get enough! haha! hugs, Ara