Monday, July 13, 2009

Gifts from Tara!

This week I was lucky enough to receive a package from the lovely Tara of The Dollhouse at Pooh Corner!! She found some lovely presents for the Addams Family and sent them along as a "House Cooling" present!! She also sent a few things for me though:

There are several Hawaiian products, such as chocolate covered macadamia nuts, pancake mix, these really yummy caramel and chocolate treats and Mauna Loa nuts! (by the way did you know that my aunts name is Mauna Loa - haha - I call her Aunt Mauna) And so much more including a calendar and a book, I just kept pulling out treasure after treasure!!

And here is the miniature part of the package!!!

There's a beautiful hall rug, a pewter carving set!, 2 kits (one for a light and one for a gown!!) and a few weapons that she picked out for the Family! I think its called a Halberd, a flail, a butchers knife and a dagger!!! Also there is a classic Addams Family phone!! So perfect!! And Tara was so gracious to send some of her sketches from watching the Addams Family! There are some things in there I have missed so I will be looking for them Tara!! You have such an eye for detail!

I had a few of the Family members pick 3 their favorite pieces... Morticia picked one of the Pewter plates, Wednesday picked the flail (she thought Pugsley would like it too), and Gomez rather liked the Halberd (he said something about being able to reach that itch on his back.....)

Thank you Tara, so much for the lovely gifts!!! Your chair is in progress and will be winging its way to you sometime soon!

Much love, Ara and the Addamses *snap snap*


  1. Hahaha, perfect little gifts especially the weapons. I think I can make the guest room at the palace with these in mind. You must be one happy girl. Tara is a sweetie!

  2. Oh, oh, oh, goodies from Hawaii!!! And what FAB gifts the Addamses have received! I agree, the three they picked as their favorites are AWESOME!!!! Hugs, Marsha

  3. Fabulous Gifts from Tara. The little Dagger is brilliant..x

  4. Oh! I love the weapons! I have been looking for something like that for my castle! I know I have seen them somewhere! Lucky you! LOL!!
    Enjoy your Macadamia nuts! MMMMM, my favorites!