Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm a lucky blogger!!! Gifts!!

Whoo hoo!!! Thank you Kate and Tabitha!!! Kate was so gracious to send me a copy of the ever so popular magazine that so many of our blog friends are in, along with several mirrors and frames for my dollhouses!! There is even one to match the frame I used for Gomez's bedside table... so now morticia will have a matching one on her side! And I just love the big lumpy gold framed mirror too - that will have a center place at Bentley Manor :)

sent me some of her skull beads to try out her wonderful cadelabra idea! Don't you think it will look perfect in the Mini-Mansion?? I hope I can do the idea justice!!

Thank you both for the wonderful gifts. Now continuing on with chores.... and pricing garage sale stuff.... gosh I have a lot of junk!!!


  1. Wonderful Gifts Ara. Can't wait to see your take on the Skull Candelabra. xx

  2. They are great Ara, I have that mag its a good read. Arent the peeps here wonderful?
    Those beads are great too.
    Debie xxxxxxx

  3. Lucky You!! I went to Barnes and Nobles, but couldn't find the magaine:( Love all those frames and the beads!!!

    ~can't wait to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie, either!!!

  4. Our pleasure Ara, have fun with that garage sale, we so need to have one of those, our loft is just bulging one day the floor will fall out and it will all end up on top of us! There must be alot of money in all the things we could sell, its just getting round to it! Well done you, hope you make lots of money and have fun having a clear out!
    Kate xx

  5. Lucky you! I can't find it anywhere here. I may have to order it when hubbs isn't looking. ;-)

  6. Lovely gifts Ara :). The skull beads are so wonderful and I am curious what you are going to do with them :)