Wednesday, January 6, 2010

And yet another reason.....

First of all I wanted to show y'all the official family potrait (from Vanity Fair, find short article here) of the Addams Family from the new musical..... let me know what y'all think. I am pretty sure Wednesday is supposed to be older in the musical so I think thats why she doesn't have braids........ hmmmm...... I know one of my readers, Louise, has already seen it and love it! I hope I get to someday as well!

Anyway, also I just wanted to finally announce another reason I have been so absent .... yesterday I quit my job!! :) And its a really good thing. But I have been filling out applications like crazy and its been taking up quite a bit of my time! Anyway - today will be my day to go back and read through you guys blogs! I have missed so much!


  1. What a wonderful cast . . although Wednesday kind of threw me . . .

    Ara,I hope you find the job of your dreams!!

    I've missed you!


  2. What a WONDERFUL Group.... I had not heard anything about this should be fantastic!!!!! Would love to see it. And lets face it, for those of us that really enjoy a little darkeness in their tales...plays like this are perfect...and also help to educate the public of what fun the dark side can really be!!
    Thanks for Sharing Ara


  3. Ara dear, I have really missed you :). Now I know why you have been absent. With the crazy hours, I can understand. Maybe it's time to think about taking the plunge and set up your own shop. With that talent of yours, you can do well :). But whatever it is , good luck with your applications! You will find something soon, I am sure.

  4. Ara- this will probably sound strange- but Congrats on quitting your job. I am a big believer in removing the negative parts of your life and being happy-and we spend so much time at our jobs! I wish you lots and lots of luck with your job search- thinking tons of positive thoughts for you!!!

  5. The cast looks great, I wish I could see the musical!

    After the things I have read earlier, it sounds like you made the right decision when quitting your job! You have so many talents and deserve a great job where you can use them!

  6. Thanks everyone for your support on the job thing - a BIG weight has been lifted. I'm still going through blogs to make sure I read back a few weeks!! I have missed y'all too!!

    hugs, Ara

  7. Hello Ara,
    New Year, New Start and I wish you luck in finding a job you will really enjoy :0)life is too short to be stuck in the wrong job.
    Love the cast pic,the musical sounds like loads of fun !
    julie xx

  8. Ara.... good luck finding the new job to be, can only echo what everyone else has is far too short to be stuck somehwere you don't have to be.
    The Adams theres a night out!!!
    Wishing you a wonderfull New Year

  9. Congratulaions on this new chapter in your working life! Good for you for courageously doing the right thing for you! Life IS too short for a bad job or a lousy bed! You spend so much time in both! :D

    Wednesday is an interesting look! I miss the braids...but the rest of the cast looks super!

  10. Oooh good luck sweetie...that's a big move...I've done it twice and know that sometimes a gal's gotta do what she's gotta do.

    I hope you find what you are looking for and quickly.

  11. Ara, I've never left a job and not had a better opportunity open up sortly thereafter. What an exciting (although I realize a little scary) time for you right now, with so much possibility in front of you. Just don't forget to enjoy this time; you'll likely be working again soon and wishing you had time off, lol!