Monday, January 11, 2010

Off topic: Rosannas Christmas Swap

I'm pretty late on posting this so I sincerely apologize to Marja!!! She sent me such a wonderful swap and I have been showing it off every chance I get! The detailing in the clothing is just wonderful. In case you cannot see from the photo.... its a men's outfit that has been tossed onto a chair! I just love the whimiscal feel to it all.... I wish you could see up close the detail she put into this! I believe she made a second set of clothing for a gent you can find here! But I am giving these fine clothes to Gomez!! For one of those crazy night of dancing he and Morticia indulge in on special occasions (such as Christmas)! It will look great sitting in the corner of their room! Thank you so much Marja!!

Here I will also show what I sent to Angela! Angela is a writer so I could picture her curling up by the fire with a great Christmas story and some Christmas cookies resting on a nearby ottoman! She also encouraged me to try my hand at some clay food... so she has the honor of having my first tray of clay food ever... hahah. I am pretending they are ginger snaps or something... who knows! Angela liked all three items so thats what counts!

And lastly, if you want to see the rest of what everyone sent to each other go here. So many talented ladies took part in this swap! Thanks for hosting Rosanna!!


  1. Thank you Ara!
    I'm glad you enjoy it!
    I see that gomes can use it well ....
    Hugs Marja

  2. This really was a fun swap. Who is hosting the next one? I could maybe do one this summer... after I get everything unpacked. ;-)

  3. This is Rosanna's swap? :) It is great to read everyone's posts when the details are given!