Thursday, May 17, 2012

Gomez's Train Set and A Give-Away!!!!

 Hello All,   As I said I have been trying to do little things for the Mini-mansion during nap times and when my DH gets home to watch busy little Bella.  One of my most recent projects was finishing Gomez's train set.   Whether in the tv show or the Movies, Gomez is always seen with a train set.  He blows them up as recreation or as a stress reliever!  I knew it was a necessity for the mansion!

I saw a few working trains at a recent miniature show but they only went in an oval and had a huge battery pack that had to be hidden.  I decided to do a train set that looked like it had recently been blown up and left for lurch to clean up :)

Here it is, complete with ignition box!

Here is a photo from a higher vantage point so you can see the detail.  A tunnel, bridge, and rail road house all sits with in a 3"x3" square.

You can also see a corner where explosives have recently gone off.  The bridge is blown and a single train car is dangling off of the side.

Below you can see a photo of where it sits in Gomez's office.  Initially I thought it would fit nicely in the alcove in the back.... but it turned out to be smaller than I thought and just looked dwarfed in the large alcove.

So here is where the give-away comes in.  I have recently passed 300 followers on blogger and I am ready to celebrate!  Especially to say thanks to all of you who have hung on through my long absences!  Here's what you need to do to enter:

Leave a comment on this post with a suggestion on what I should do in the empty alcove (this will get your name into the drawing).  I have also pointed out there is a small library (which you can see here) on the other side of the office wall so I am trying to think of something other than book shelves.  I will be watching the movies and tv shows to brainstorm BUT I know you guys always have great ideas so bring 'em on!

And here is the prize for the give-away.  It's actually a piece from the mini-mansion.  Originally I was using it as Gomez's chair for the living room (you can see it in the house here) but its not working with my vision for that room anymore.  It's a big chair! lol.  This would be perfect for anyone doing a scene with a Seer or Palm reader, etc... as the back of the chair is decorated with 4 hands.  It's painted gold so it will definitely catch the eye in any room display.

Ps.  If you link to this give-away in one of your blog posts let me know and I will put your name into the drawing a second time!

I will pull the name for the winner a week from now (5-24-12) and post the name Thursday afternoon!  Maybe I will have Bella pick the name! Have a great weekend all, Ara and the Addamses :)


  1. Congrats Ara! At least you have a good excuse for your absences. I love the blown apart train, it is perfect for the office. I would like to see a smoking station in the nook with a comfy chair and a big hookah.

    I look forward to seeing your Addam's Mansion evolve. I would love to win the chair for my vampire mansion I have started.


  2. Victoria, I love that suggestion! I even have a mini-hookah made by my friend Sans! And I also have a few boxes of cigars... will def take that one into consideration! hugs, ara

  3. Watching you Ara, I have 0 excuse not to start on my project!

  4. Hi Ara,
    Congratulations on your works! I enjoy your Addam's project and I really like your chair (that could be nice in my country house!).

    Please count me in your give away.
    I've just posted your link on my blog... so double counte me :-)


  5. Thank you Sans and Francesca! You are both in! (Francesca twice :) -ara

  6. I forgot to tell you how amazing your train set is. I enlarge both pic of the set and kept oohing and ahhing :).

    I too love Vic's suggestion :). My chance should go to her :)

  7. How about some big odd (or ordinary) plant or plants??
    I am not a green thumb, but I think the room needs them.. (Smoking is bad for you.. *grin*)

    I even imagined a spider (or spiders) climbing down the wall.. a bit like in the Potter - you know (^^)

    Look forward to seeing your Addam's Mansion evolve..

    I'll put a link to my blog.

    MiniHugs, Irina

  8. Hello dear, have award for you on my blog. Kisses in your heart.

  9. Thank you Sans! I do the same to your suit case projects!!

    Irina, Thank you for the suggestions! I think the place does need a few plants as well! Especially since Morticia has such a green thumb! I tried to join your blog but was blocked by something. Will try again later :)

    Thank you Cris for the award! Love your blog!

  10. I love reading your blog and hope to someday get back to building dollhouses. Now I'll just live vicariously through you! Your stuff is amazing!

  11. Giant Venus Flytrap or Man Eating Plant for Morticia to water that's whats missing!

    oh and I love that train set you have got to do a tutorial so we can put one in our childrens bedrooms

    Marisa :)

  12. Hi Ara, recently I follow your blog and I love the Adams family home. I just finished a house a little mysterious wonder which would come from that chair but is half scale and I do not fit.
    Please count me for the giveaway
    I posted the link on my blog
    I love the train set too

  13. Thank you guys for your kind words! I do have a plant for Morticia to water.... but she will be located in the conservatory. But I do think a few plants in that area wouldn't hurt :)

    Not sure if I can do a tutorial on that train set. Not that I don't want to share but it was so fussy to get it just right!

    Everyone has been entered ... can't wait to pull the winner tomorrow! -ara

  14. I love the destroyed train, you need a little smoke generator.

    tiny train set

  15. Hi Stranger:) OK- Bella is beautiful:) Just been catching up on your blog and I don't know what I'm in love with more: the train set or the bear:) Ara- It LOOKS amazing:) I can't wait for the kids to get home to show them your train set- so freaking funny:)

    ..Give Bella a big kiss from us:) And guess what- I'll be getting a neice in about a month- and I can NOT wait to start buying dresses for her- There's something abut a little girl that just makes you smile:) Not that I don't love my nephew- But you know what I mean:)

    Keep on creating Ara- Your huose is a one of a kind:)

  16. Thanks for the link, See More Here! I may have to replace my simple trains with some nice ones like the ones you showed! and a little smoke generator would be awesome!

    Hi Katie! Thanks for your sweet comments about Bella! Later today I am going to have her pick the name for the give-away! And thanks for your comments on my recent projects. I tell you I was probably as shocked as anyone that my bear turned out so well. lol. THat was a shot in the dark that turned out to be a bullseye. Probably couldn't do it twice lol! hugs, Ara