Wednesday, September 19, 2012

And finally.... the Smoking Nook!

Hi All,

It's been a long time coming but I have finally made a little bit of progress on the mansion.  A few posts back I did a give-away and people had to suggest ideas for this little awkward nook that was totally stumping me!  Victoria wrote this: " I would like to see a smoking station in the nook with a comfy chair and a big hookah."  It was such a lovely mental image that I just had to go for it!!!

Here's the nook now:

The first thing I made was a removable set of shutters.  You see these in all of the Addams cartoons, shows, movies and even the now showing Musical!  I just had to include them somewhere.  I made them removable because I am not quite ready to commit with glue yet!

Next I made the "comfy chair".  I found a large roll of this printed leather in the scrap bin for $1!!!  Can you believe it??  So I knew my chair would have to be leather!  It was a bit rough to work with and gave me a few frustrations but in the end I am happy!

I already had the Hookah from the lovely Sans!  She made it for me a while ago and it has been all over the mansion... and now it has a permanent home!

Also... notice the lovely open book in the pictures of the nook and chair??  It's made by Victoria!  We did a swap and she made a cauldron, books, candles and papers for Grandmama's liar (which is not built yet!)... but Gomez will be stealing this book to keep in the nook forever!  Especially since its made by the person who inspired the whole Smoking Nook!  Thank you thank you thank you, Victoria!!! (Click here to go to her amazing blog!) I must really get to work on the basement....

And lastly I went ahead and took an updated progress picture of the mansion.  It's not much but I am seeing things coming together - yay!  Progress!!

Thanks for taking a second to look at my Addams Family Mini-Mansion!
Hugs, Ara and the Addamses


  1. Great job Ara
    I love reading your updates. The nook looks perfect but I totally get what you say about not commiting to glue LOL

  2. Thank you Simon.... the not commiting thing is also why I have no photos on the walls yet! Yikes! -Ara

  3. Super fun! I want to see the hookah more closely. Did you make it yourself or did you purchase it? I'm curious. Looks great!

    1. Thank you! No - my blogger buddy Sans made it for me in a swap we did. You can see it a bit closer in this post I did a while ago:

      She might still be making them or be able to give you hints on how to make your own! -Ara

  4. wow!!! I love the nook- the chair is amazing! I really love the last picture where we get to see how everything looks so far- I had to blow it up and see all the details :)

    1. Thanks Kim... I was having fun comparing it to the last update photo.... I have actually got more done than I thought!! hugs to you!!, Ara

  5. Love the chair and shudders, you need to do a tutorial on how you made the shudders.

    Thank you so much for the swap, I love my chair and will do a post on it soon.

    The mansion is looking great, love the full picture :)

    Big Hugs,

    1. Thanks Victoria! I was actually thinking about doing a tutorial! I actually came up with a fairly easy way to make them!! I loved doing the swap too! Hugs!

  6. Everything looks so adorable! I love the chair.. I would like to see a shudder tutorial as well!

  7. Thanks -P-! I will def be doing a tutorial soon because I am planning on making some more for the mansion! Stay tuned! -Ara

  8. O Ara, I LOVE that nook! You have done a marvellous job! I think the shutters you made are brilliant. And the chair is just precious. The leather is just perfect for mini scale. It's one of your best chairs. :).

    The mansion is really coming together nicely. Looking at what you are doing makes me feel a little sorry that I didn't manage to start on my haveli at all this year.