Thursday, May 27, 2010

Quick Family Portrait

I just couldn't resist getting the whole gang together here to show you who lives in the mansion so far! (click it to make it bigger)

Morticia - The Matron of the Addams Family - made by me
Cleopatra - Morticia's prized African Strangler - made by Jayne of Tallulah-Belle
Cousin Itt - Gomez's hairy, yet playboyish cousin - made by Kate Whittaker
Cousin What - Cousin Itt's son - made by Kate Whittaker
Aristotle - Pugsley's pet octopus - made by me
Homer - Wednesday's pet spider - made by Teresa Dudley
Thing - The family's helping hand - made by me

Thank you all who contributed to this good looking group!! Don't they all just belong together!! Looks like a need to make a few more of the main family members to keep these guys all in line though....


  1. This is AWESOME Ara! What a fab photo I love it, you have such a great family so far! Are you going to be making more of them or commissioning others to make some? Im so nosey lol! It really looks cool, and Im so pleased to be able to have added to your collection ! Love Kate xxx

  2. Thanks Kate! I think I will be trying to make more dolls myself. I can't afford the professional ones yet! (there are 7 family members - ack!) I am so glad you added as well! Cousin Itt and What are just perfect!

  3. Ara, that is a great family portrait. You ought to miniaturise it, turn it Sepia and put it in the Manor

  4. Great Family portrait, Ara, but you're right. You need a few more folks....


  5. I love the family portrait, looks like a fun group!! What a great collection!!


  6. Thats my kind of family. I can't wait to see Gomez, Lurch, Fester and Pugsly. They are adorable!


  7. Lovely family portrait just like one of ours ha ha!

  8. What a great family so far! I just love every single one of them.Never seen a crazier motley crew! hehe! You know , Ara , the Addams Mansion is going to be so much fun to make, play or simply admire. I hope you'll find some time to work on it soon :):).