Thursday, May 20, 2010

Swap With Kate: Welcome to Cousin Itt and family!

As you can see..... a few more Addamses have come home!! Morticia and Thing are seen here greeting Cousin Itt and his son, Cousin What!! Aren't they fabulous! Both of these were made by the wonderful Kate Whittaker!! She has really outdone herself for this one. I just wish I could put some kind of 3D app on this blog so you could see all the detail in these pieces!!

Because Cousin Itt was a little hard to see in the dark house I wanted to do a quick family portrait for them against a white back drop! Kate made everything.... the tiny coffin, Baby What, and even the precious pacifier (or Dummy... I just learned that from Kate) in his hairy little mouth! Ahhhh - I love them!

Also notice that she made the wheels into spider webs and there are two spiders joining Baby What wherever he may be going.

And I also wanted to show you the back of the coffin stroller! So cute!

Kate, thank you so so much for this wonderful swap!! I had so much fun and I can't tell you how excited I am to have two more of the Addams clan at home!! I really fuels my fire to get some things done! Big hugs from across the ocean!!

Oh yes.... and I was also gonna show what I made for Kate. But please stay tuned to her blog because when she is able she will show pictures of it in her project!!

She asked me if I could try making a wicker baby bed for her Sweeney Todd project. If you haven't seen the movie, Sweeney finds his daughters old bed.... all tattered and torn. So that is what I created. Its not just like the one in the movie but its based off of Kate's vision of what she wanted.

It was really fun making this for her because I got to try out some new techniques!!

Kate, as always, swapping with you was a blast! I look forward to the next time!!! -Ara


  1. Oh, WOW, I'm speechless!! You two really outdid yourselves!!! What workmanship!!!

    Baby What is just too CUTE!!!


  2. Well looks like Kate has been hiding her light under a bushel. Love the Pram, baby what and cousin it. Fabulous.
    Also really like the wicker crib you've made for Kate's Sweeney House. Two very clever talented Ladies xxxx

  3. I had seen a sneak preview of your gift, I knew you were going to love it! Kate did an awesome job!! They look perfect with the other Addams family members!! I love the Sweeney bed you did!! It is always fun to get to try out new things!!


  4. Ahhh they look right at home dont they! it was tricky to decide on Cousin Its height as in some pics he is really short but others taller, so I judged him against Morticia and made him just over 4ft I think? The hats arnt quite bowlers as I couldnt get them to be round but they were necessary as it covers up the glue sticking their hair on, that was the job I told you about that I figured would be easy but when it came to it, I just could NOT get right! So the hats covered up the glued partings he he!! Like you I so enjoyed this project, it went all to plan....mostly, and was really rewarding! Thanks for the wonderful swap Ara, like you cant wait to do it again, hmmm what to do next time????!!!!! Love and Hugs Kate xxx

  5. Kate, the Hats are one of my favorite parts!!!! You could have a future in mini hat making!!! Just love everything about it! hugs, ara

  6. :o) How clever is Kate!!!! I love it all, the coffin pram is just brilliant! I've never seen a mini Cousin Itt before and it made me giggle, you are very lucky to own such lovely creations.

  7. I posted over on Kate's blog- but have to post here too- this is an incredible swap and you both have done a fabulous job!

  8. Oh ! I have just seen this on kates blog and rushed over to see it in its proper home .
    Absolutely fab Ara ! and what a stunning job you made of the crib, its just perfect :0)
    julie xxx

  9. I love Cousin Itt! And although this sounds odd to say, but that coffin is adorable!

  10. Wow, when 2 talented ladies swap, they swap really well :), lol.

    Each have created a gorgeous, memorable and wonderful pieces suitable to a T for the other's project. I can see how fun they both must have been to do. Congratz you both!

  11. Wow what a totally cool swap, you are both so clever I love the cot and the coffin pram Kate made as for cousin IT and baby It I am very jealous ha ha ha! They are so sweet :-).

  12. That stroller is TO DIE FOR! What a fabulous work!

  13. I just love your amaizing work!!!