Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Texas Miniature Showcase

Well - I am finally posting about my trip to The Texas Miniature Showcase!

It was my first miniature show ever and I was so excited I had a very difficult time falling asleep the night before! My Aunt drove up from Houston to go with me and my husband said he would go as well! (I warned him that if he came he was NOT allowed to say at any time that he was bored.... he did a very good job and I think he had fun too!:)

Anyway, I also got to meet Texas Belle!!!!! It was great getting to meet up with her. We went and had lunch and shared our treasures we had found that morning. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon walking around together trying to keep track of my aunt - haha! I can't wait for her to come over sometime to see the mini-mansion!

It was such a blast!! I'm gonna show you my favorite things I got from the show for the Addamses!

First, this is a piece by an artist named T. Dudley. It's a spider in a cage and he was just perfect to be Wednesday's pet spider, Homer. My Aunt actually got him for me!! I was jumping up and down I was so excited! It's about an inch long to give you an idea of scale.

The mounted moose horns you see sitting on the mantel here is another piece I found made by T. Dudley. The funny thing is that I bought these at two different stands and they were made 5 years apart.... The spider with cage was made in 2010, and the moose horns were made in 2005. I will be mounting the moose horns higher of course but I really like them and they are the closest I have found that look real!

And lastly this is a Bespaq piece that I found at a booth that was perfect for Gomez!! My Aunt bought this for me as well! She also got me the lamp and the small tobacco set for the top of the desk! Now I am ready to get the second level of the mansion going! Thank you Aunt Debbie! Gomez is finally ready to light up one of those cigars and sit back and relax in his office!

I had such a fun time.... I'm looking forward to next year! (The Addamses are too!)


  1. Oh, what FABULOUS finds, Ara!!! That desk for Gomez is superb!!!


  2. Some fabulous purchases. The Cage with the Spider is brilliant. xxx

  3. Ara, What a nice Auntie you have! Your new pieces are great.


  4. Ooooooooooooooooo, ARA!! Your spider is truly a gem! I love it too !! I wish I can come over and see your mini mansion! And the meeting with Belle ! Must have been so much fun :). Every piece that your aunt got for you is beautiful. Aunt Debbie, I want you for an aunt too :):).

  5. Great minis! The cage is so cool:)

  6. These are fab pieces Ara,sounds like you had a great time too. I really love the desk,it is just so right for Gomez isnt it !
    julie xxx

  7. Oooh Ara what treasures! I love Teresa Dudleys work she makes lots of Potter things too. That spider is creepy! The desk is amazing, what a generous Aunt you have. I love to go shopping with my mum and Aunts, I always get treats he he! Kate xxx

  8. I'm jealous! I've NEVER attended a miniature show...I would probably stay for hours!!!!! You have a super wonderful Aunt. Have fun with your new goodies!!!
    Bugs & Hisses

  9. Gotta love that pet and that desk! I want an aunt like yours :)
    Enjoy them!

  10. Thanks guys!! I love my aunt too! She is such a generous soul! And thanks Kate for letting me know her full name is Teresa Dudley.... apparently I am naturally attracted to her minis - I bought them without knowing they were made by the same person!!