Thursday, May 21, 2009

Colors and a Rug!!!

Oh wow its been a busy week!! Lots of stuff going on here at the house and to top that I have a swap going on at All Things Mini!!!! Oh man... i am just about to finish them up and send them off tomorrow. I will post pics of what I made and what I got when everyone's recieved their packages. This swap is called "Behind the Castle Walls". So I am hoping there will be a few things to interest the Addams family!!

Also, Tara at Pooh Corner found this awesome deal on Ebay and got a fur rug that she didn't want (along with something else she did). THANK YOU TARA!! She let me know about it and we made a deal and now its mine! And its soooo perfect. It will be going in Gomez and Morticia's bedroom for that little bit of romantic flair ... oh la la! Its in the picture below (btw - its soooooo soft!)

Also with the rug I just wanted to post my color palette I am thinking of for the house. The grey color on top is just for simple highlights in different areas... the overall will hopefully be pretty dark.... but lively :)


  1. I think the rug will be great in the bedroom! Ooh I just thought of this: you need an antique-y vase to put thorny rose stems in! ;-)

  2. Ooh, I love that color scheme! Maybe add some charcoal gray in there, too!

  3. Look forward to seeing your rooms !! Especially with that rug. It must be a luxe one !

  4. Great Rug Ara. I think the colour palette will be just right for the Addams.

  5. Mini-Kat, you are so right!! I'll have to figure out how to make tiny thorned stems though... I've been seeing everyones gorgeous rose kits lately and I am hoping to possible find some black roses at least!!

    Texas Belle.... yes!! Thats the paint I got as my base coat for the whole house so it will be shining through every once and a while... and Grandmamas basement will be a dark charcoal grey!

    Sans- Me too! It's so exciting when I get these things.. but then I get frustrated because I don't have anywhere to put them yet... hopefully this weekend will be productive!!

    Thanks Debbie! I hope so! I am really excited to use that dark red in strategic places!

    thanks everyone! -ara