Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I got tagged.... and I need to issue an award....

I got tagged!!! My first time too... I was tagged by Debbie over at Tiny Treasures and need to tag some more people!!! Also I need to issue some awards as I got one yesterday :)

I think since I have double duty I will do 3 for each thing for a total of six blogs being tagged/awarded ... so here goes....

for the Butterfly award I would like to give it to:

Texas Belle at Myrtlewood Manor if you haven't been over for a visit GO NOW!!! The detail in this place is jaw droppingly amazing. I can only pray for the patience this woman has!!!

Tallulah~Belle at Tallulah~Belle Originals . She recently made some beautiful foxgloves for Nikki and if you haven't seen them look here!

And finally Debbie over at Tiny Treasures! Even with seemingly her entire herd of ponies giving birth she manages to keep up with everyone and with her own blog! She's an amazing lady! Check out her cute ponies too!

Also here are my TAGS ( I decided to tag some of the newest blogs I am following!)...

Eileen Sedgwick who just recently sculpted one of the most beautiful paintings in history (I think).... check it out!

De at De-lightful Minis. She's got one thing my current project is lacking... COLOR!!! And I love it - check out her bright minis! They'll brighten your day :)

Minna at Linnanneidon Lokikirja. Proof that you do not have to speak the native language to enjoy the beauty of someone elses creation! Check out her majestic scenes :)

And lastly .... I will add one thing that has made me soooo happy lately (and is def NOT unimportant!!).....

My wonderful, loving, forgiving husband who puts up with all my craziness and occasionally sits down to help me cut out my millions of mini-peices! I am so lucky to have him! Love you Kev!

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  1. Wow - that is so sweet! Thanks so much! I think it's so awesome that your husband helps you with your minis. Mine doesn't help, but he does brag about my minis to all his friends. What lucky girls we are!